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    Lightbulb Forum Promotion

    So I'm poking around other FF forums again wondering why we are not as active..(again).

    Our main site is ballin as f*ck. That's far from the issue, and I'm sure the main site gets a decent amount to traffic.

    I think a re-location of our forum link may help? or perhaps an ad at the top of our site that makes the community more apparent.

    If you look at the web page now the forum link is located on the top activity bar next to blogs, contact etc. where I think most people will most likely look over it.

    opinions? ideas? gogogogogogo

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    Quote Originally Posted by GypsyElder View Post
    I think a re-location of our forum link may help? or perhaps an ad at the top of our site that makes the community more apparent.
    Forum Promotion-blurb-jpg

    Our site design is GORGEOUS.

    I don't like how subtle the community shoutouts are. I feel like, while it's nice to have this little blurb about our history here, it's better left in the "About" page. We can use this entire black bar between the splash and the AdSense as a giant forum advertisement. Anyone have some ideas on how to express this? I like a little bit of color (YELLOW!), something to both complement and clash with our natural color scheme. It'll get some attention! I don't want to change the size; I just want to replace that existing section with a more alluring forum link.

    Regarding the forum link at the top page, shifting it toward the left certainly couldn't hurt.
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