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    Facebook integration

    So, an option that's been available to us for a couple years now with vBulletin has been the handy dandy Facebook integration feature. This would allow users (and, far more importantly, potential future users) the ability to log in via Facebook. We have kept this built-in feature turned off, but I am curious...

    If you were a visitor and you saw that posting on our boards was as simple as a single click, would you be more inclined to join?

    Would your own friends be more inclined to post here if they didn't have to go through a full registration process? If they only had to push a single button to link accounts and share opinions?

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    I typed out a big post on this but then I pressed the wrong button on my phone and it closed tapatalk, and now I can't remember half of what I said.

    Err I'm all for this if it means potential new members can sign up and post quicker, but will there be any changes or additions to the forums if we have the feature. And i meant that out of curiosity rather than "grr this forum shouldn't change"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kurt Zisa View Post
    but will there be any changes or additions to the forums if we have the feature
    I don't think so. It's basically just another way to sign up as a member of the forums. At least, that's what it is with another forum I frequent.
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    I don't know...

    While I love the convenience of signing in with Facebook, I don't like the idea of recruiting new members through it... I mean, take into consideration the language of Facebook. We'd no doubt get plenty more people who talk like "OMG Cloud is lik mah fave character!!!" I really don't want to see that, but I kinda feel we're headin' that way anyway.

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