This thread will being a place that I will post the quests for everyone to see. I will also post the quest info in the individual threads, but this will be a singular location for all of the quests.

Explanation of the Quests

The quests will be considered the rounds in this tournament. Completion of a quest brings the end of the round. The time required to complete the quest is undefined and will be allowed to continued until its end. If the times for completion become too long, a deadline to wrap up remaining quests will be announced. The quest themselves will be different and unique for each group. However, since this is a role-play all of the quests will be connected through an over arcing plot that exists for the entire length of the tournament.

At the end of the quests and before the start the new quests there will be a post made that will discuss the general state of world affairs as it affects the plot. There can be large-scale changes, such as political, civil wars, wars, peace, discover of ancient ruins. These changes will affect the new quests and will purposely be made to affect your characters as an add level of detail for the plot.

The quests will grow more important and began to affect the world in larger ways as the rounds progress. The intention is to make the tournament feel like a role-play as it progresses from the beginning to its eventual end with a showdown against whatever there is waiting. That said, the final quest would be the final showdown against whoever is at the end.

Updates to the Quest

In the time of originally writing this I have come up with some modifications to try to address certain issues that might come up with the quests. The most important change that I am making is that each quest will have a required boss to defeat or attempt to defeat. Sort of like a FF game or other RPG. You will have to go through whatever trials to reach your goal and then at the end you will have to face some final challenge.

At the start of the quest you will be given the background information to go on, your goal and the boss that you have to fight at the end along with any special attacks or traits it has. But remember that beating the boss does not mean you necessarily met your goal. It is still up to you to decide if you want to win or lose and how you go about that, you will be judge on your posts, not of your victory or lose. Though do remember that depending on your outcome will affect how the story continues and advances. The boss is all up to you to play and control, I will handle out the specifics on what it is, but after that I will let you have fun with it.

There may be times during the quest that I will relate world events that will happen. These may or may not affect your quest, but they will change what is happening and thus provide you with more information to your goals. I will create a separate thread for these events if they are to happen, so keep an eye out of them in the forum section for the tournament.

At the end of the quest there will be an update of current events. This will simply be a post of everyone’s quest and how it affected the world. It will also introduce new parts that will be the lead into the next round of quests. Expect the initial quests to seem simple, but to actually hold more meaning than realized and to eventually increase in importance as the rounds go until everything meets at a head and you facing down against the “final boss.” I will in a way act as the DM, Dungeon Master, for the Tournament relaying changes and important things that happen as you go about your journey.

If you have questions about the information provided or your quest please send me a PM as each quest will be individualized, so it will be important to keep additional information private until the end of the round. If it is general question please feel free to ask in the forum.


The Land of Thuyin is bordered by mountains to the east and a vast magical barrier that stretches across much of the western and northern realm. The only safe travel is to the south that borders a wasteland left from the Great War five hundreds years ago. The land is vast giving support to three kingdoms that hold the realm.

After the end of the Great War and the collapse of the Doithmin Shard the people of Thuyin became divided. From their different views came the three kingdoms of Thuyin, Jurion of the Green, Thiltis of the Hills and Wuith of the Spirit. Each believed that they had a correct view for how Thuyin should continue as it is now cut out from the main land. It was because of those differences that wars were fought countless for the last few centuries.

Now the three kingdoms are in a momentary peace for the last decade. The Jurions and Thiltians have a precarious cease-fire with both armies mobilized on their borders. The Wuithians have been seething from their defeat seventeen years ago and remained dormant for the time.

The Kingdom of Jurion – Jurion lies against much of the magic barrier and shares its eastern borders with Thiltis where a large wall was erected. The wall has served as their cease-fire border with armies positioned on opposite sides ready to strike when the word is given. The wall itself is crumbling and serves little purpose other than to slow down the advance, but it spans most of the length of the two kingdoms preventing larges forces to easily move.

The land of Jurion is filled with a number of forests and rough terrain that makes building difficult at times. Many of the rivers that flow through Thiltis continue through Jurion until turning away at the barrier. The northern areas are more barren with little grow due to the barrier.

Because of its proximity to the magic barrier Jurion’s magic studies are slightly more advanced than the other two kingdoms. They have been attempting without success to break down the barrier for the last two centuries. The attempts have resulted in stronger attack magic that has help to defend their lands from the two kingdoms.

The Jurions value magic believing that it is the way to improve life. They are an independent people that find individual achievement to be the true strength over community effects. This has kept much of them divided over the years, but it is also what has allowed them to win wars with their smaller, but more powerful soldiers.

The Kingdom of Thiltis – Thiltis is beset by Jurion, the northern part of the magic barrier and the mountains. Their southern border is shared with Wuith, though with the cease-fire their interests are completely directed at Jurion’s movements. Most of their forces are positioned on the wall, though there are a few at the south. Much of the land is flat grassland and the few forests that exist along the rivers that flow out of the mountains.

The Thiltis value family and unity that creates strong bonds within their communities. It is because of this wholeness that the kingdom shares that their military has been able to hold off against the two other kingdoms in spite of being weaker at times. Their current state of affairs remains stable even with the threat of war.

The Kingdom of Wuith – Wuith is the largest kingdom taking up much of the southern region and laying claim to the wastelands south of them, though not really using them for anything but bragging rights. The land is a variety of terrain with marshlands in the east left from the barrier’s interruption of the water’s natural flow and steppes with forests growing to the west. The center of their kingdom is fertile land that most of the population is packed into heavily. Wuith has the largest towns and cities thanks to the vast amount of fertile land provided them with the marshlands and central plains.

During the last war the Wuithians fought against both of the kingdoms, which cost them the war. The kingdoms were unable to push their advantage to take over the land as fighting between the two began almost immediately after the Wuithian threat was dealt with. The cease-fire between those two has allowed Wuith to rebuild. The one advantage that the Wuith had over the others was the vast armies at their disposal.

They believe more in the natural order of the world, or at least used to. The kingdom has grow large and some think a little too large to be supported. This has become one of the major issues for the wars, the need for more land. However, there remains a strong old sect that believes in the natural order still and not to corrupt the land that they have been given. Originally Wuith was very peaceful staying out of the wars between Jurion and Thiltis, but they were slowly dragged into wars as the fighting fell into their territory.

Night Fall Thieves – The Night Fall Thieves is one of the most powerful and wealthy thieves guilds in Thuyin. They spread over much of the three kingdoms, not really caring too much about one side or the other so long as they can steal to make a profit. The guild often has dealings with the kingdoms to do some their dirty work for the right price.

Crimson Leaves – The Crimson Leaves are a branch of the Wuith military, though originally a mercenary group that sprung up. After numerous successes in the wars fought in the last hundred years the group was brought in to become part of the military. Even though they are a part of the military, the group works under its own code answering only to the head of the Crimson Leaves and the General of Wuith.

Order of Thortin – The Order of Thortin has a long history in Thiltis and has been considered part of the military force since the kingdom has been around. However, the Order is special force allowed to work independently from the main military answering only to the King and the head of the order. The Order originally began as a family of soldiers that held a strict code of honor that became the royal officers. As time passed, the Order grew as their successes did.

Knights of the Crescent Moon – The Knights of the Crescent Moon are an elite group of knights organized by the Jurion military that are specially trained in the arts of magic. They are trained as soldiers first, and then given special training in magic. The Knights will often lead the military into battle being the Generals or will work independently if the need requires it.

Therus Weapons Company – The Therus Weapons Company is the main supplier for all weapons to the three kingdoms. They are located in the kingdom of Wuith and some see them as having a bias towards the kingdom, which tends to have marginally superior weapons and armor than the other kingdom. The company has its own military force that is equipped with the best the company has to offer. It is because of this; they have not been forced out of business and are allowed to handle their dealings the way they wish. Their military’s force is small, but it is well known that they hold back their technology for the other kingdom, remaining ten years ahead of them easily.

Jurion-Thiltis Wall – The wall was constructed over three centuries ago as part of the treaty to end the war. The wall spans almost the entire length of the border of the two kingdoms and in spite of the numerous wars it remains their agreed territory. Over the course of the years after its construction both kingdoms have invaded beyond the wall, but they usually find themselves with their backs against it eventually. At this point the wall is in disarray not have been maintained for the last century. There are no longer guards that man the walls, but simply towers to watch the other side.

The Great War – A war that brought the entire world into conflict. The reasons are not completely clear anymore, but at the end of the war the Doithmin Shard was destroyed. It was said that the shard was the source of the Faryt Empire’s strength and with its collapse the war was brought to an end. However, at the ending of the war the lands were cut off by a powerful magical barrier that held the Faryt Empire within. It was at this point that Thuyin was separated from the rest of the world.

Doithmin Shard – A mysterious stone of legend that was not believed to have existed until it was discovered during the invasion of the Faryt Empire. The stone was destroyed and the fighting quickly ended there after. The stone is said to hold tremendous power for those that wield it. (Note: This is simply background information, it is not available for use.)