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Thread: New FFXIII E3 trailer!

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    New FFXIII E3 trailer!

    At E3, they showed a new FFXIII trailer, in English, which shows a bit more of the overall story. Some new characters were introduced, one which, I think, is possibly a new party member, a teen boy(he looks about 13 to me) who Lightning calls a "kid" and apparantly doesn't want around. There is also more gameplay footage, which is nice and flashy. What do you guys think about it? Do the vocal choices for Lightning's, Sazh's, and Snow's voices match up to what you would think. What about the plot that they showed, did it interest you?

    Link: IGN Video: Final Fantasy XIII PlayStation 3 Cinematic - E3 2009: Us Against The World Trailer
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    Lightning sounds about right. And the gameplay looks pretty fast-paced. Who knows? This could be the next "Final Fantasy VII".

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    Finally some real footage. This one actually has me excited about the game. Lightning seems like a badass.

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    Nice! The voice-casting doesn't seem that bad which is a good thing. I was worried about that...
    The trailer reveals quite a bit, it all looks good. So I officially am excited about the game Final Fantasy XIII.
    Thanks again KeyBladerXIII for putting this up... I'm now solely reliant on you for news xD. I'm way too lazy to google stuff. <_< Whoa that makes me look bad. Ah well

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    This looks interesting and promising.I cant wait any longer,I want this game now.Hurry SquareEnix,Hurry.

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    The new gameplay footage makes me definitely want to get this game, it looks fun and amazing. The footage of story has me intrigued. The voices mathced them nicely, I have never been anal about VA as tons of other people are; I don't assign them a voice then compare it to what Square decided. I wait and see if the voice they have is compatible with how they look.

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    game looks absolutely amazin i cannot wait 4 this game

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    madazzz cant wait til it come out
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    Those graphics are top notch. Hopefully the graphics don't hurt the longevity of the game, that would be the worst thing that could happen. The battle seemed really high pace, reminiscent of X-2. This seems really future based, which is a big change in the series. Overall I like what I see. Can't wait 'til 2010.


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