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Thread: Final Fantasy XIII Jap. Release Date

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    Final Fantasy XIII Jap. Release Date

    --- News --- September 8th, 2009

    Well it appears (after a long wait) Square-Enix has finally announced the official release date for Final Fantasy XIII in Japan. It will be released December 17th, 2009. If you look at the previous main title releases (X, XI, XII, AC, etc), I'm sure you can devise a rough guess when the States will see it... being close to the spring of 2010. You can then look just a little bit further to get an estimate of a EU release date. Regardless, it seems like it is getting close for everybody!


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    Yep I just read about this on Game spot.I cant wait to see some videos on Youtube come December.If I owned a (Jap)PS3,I would learn Japanese and play an import if there was one.But still atleast we now have an ideah of when the North American release is.

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    This is good information. I'm sure that everyone will be happy to hear this. I will keep digging up more information on this myself, and post what I find later on in the Forums.
    Thank you for Tracking it down. We all Appreciate your Efforts

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    Thank you SOO much for finding this info out!! I have been waiting eagerly since the first videos started spreading around!

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