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Thread: What is/what are your favorite moments in the series

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    What is/what are your favorite moments in the series

    As for me to be honest it's so hard to choose since i have favorite moments in each game but if i must my most favorites are Cloud VS spehiroth & Angel VS Genisis VS Sphiroth & when you can get & recruit Yuffie & funny dating scenes of costal de sol if done correctly & when 1 of my favorite characters Quistis Trepe herself kicks the robot's ass with that machine gun other then that it's just so hard for me to pick my favorite moments sorry.

    Now it's your turn to share if you want you may say it's hard to pick you have favorite moments from different ones if you feel the same way like i do & say your most favorites enjoy & have fun & have fun discussing it if you want to share .

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    -Spoilers All-

    The first one that came to mind was the Opera Scene from FF6. So emotional. The music still gets stuck in my head.

    Next, is when Cecil became a Paladin on Mount Ordeals; FF4 was my first Final Fantasy, so that moment was filled with such mystery and intensity. Also from FF4 is when Adult!Rydia shows up to save the party during that battle with Golbez.

    Next would be "Bring my beloved Dagger to me!" from FF9. I cried.

    The entirety of the Sorceress's Parade in FF8. Love the music, especially.

    The first Gilgamesh fight in FF5.

    Anything involving Chocobos or Moogles, haha.

    And of course, the spoiler of spoilers itself: Aerith's death. Not that I wanted her to die, but that scene galvanized me against Sephiroth. After that scene, I played FF7 for almost 3 days straight, lusting after vengeance, needing to avenge her death. I was like 8 years old, so it all hit me pretty hard, haha.

    But yeah, all of those are my favorites.
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    The first time I witnessed Kefka destroying the world was pretty shocking to me. Then watching Cid die, and Celes trying to commit suicide. Then the coin toss (because I hadn't seen it earlier in the game). All of that, I saw in the same playthru, from like midnight to a bit after 2 AM, one morning way back when. I also think that 6's ending is still my favorite.

    I did enjoy watching Cloud use Omnislash on Sephiroth, I must admit.

    The "You're Not Alone" sequence in 9 stuck out to me, as well. As did its ending. Oh, and the Oeilvert antechamber. Holy crap.

    I dunno. I liked FF1, FF3, FF4, FF8, FF10, FF12, and FFT, but I can't think of specific moments from those games to include. FFT should be chock full of 'em for me, too. *shrug*

    (Never got far in FF2 or 5, but 13... ugh.)

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    First time I played FF4 it just kept pulling me in with way more intensity than FF6. The whole underground part was so mysterious and epic. Then came FF5 and it was great with characters, story, villain and whole setting. Then there was FF8 which blew my mind with art, design and futuristic direction. Those 3 are probably the most memorable. FF6 was great and had many moments, but it was sequential story wise and later fragmented, sort of chaotic and stuff didn't stick as well.
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