For those who have played Dissidia. Probably one of the most interesting things Square Enix has done was Dissidia. im ignoring the story purposes here and focusing on gameplay.

But in the future. would anyone like to see a Final Fantasy Fighting game where you create a fighter based on job classes and leveling them up and buying equipment for them?

the arena pit fighting was fun and i thought it would be cool with like a Rpg/Fighting game. and it has showed you can get that to an extent. and it does not have to just be limited to PSP with wide array of graphics capabilities.

and with classes like Dragoon where it could have advantage to jumping around, or a black mage and time mage could warp to farther away spots. White Mage could have barriers that could slow down damage and heal themselves and slow down the opponant while doing holy damage. thats just basic off the top of my head idea.

Im just wondering if anyone would like to see anymore games like Dissidia where it is a final fantasy rpg/fighting game.