The rulez:

1) Ask only questions you know the answers to or that have a definitive, factual know, so that your question is fair. Bilbo asking Gollum "what's in my pocket" is not a fair riddle, and Gollum is correct to call him out on that.

2) If 24 hours go by without you coming back to say if anyone answered correctly, the first person to have replied to your question gets a turn to ask a question. Forum timestamps, GO!

3) You win the right to ask a question, otherwise, by providing the correct answer. No one can stop you from googling it, but being able to use google does not make you a good trivia player, as anyone knows, and there is nothing to win except the right to ask a question, so if you cheat, you're only cheating yourself really.

I will begin with a complex question that might make you think a little.

In Final Fantasy 1 on the NES, you had to repeatedly buy heal potions one by one, and they cost 60 gil. List the tens digit numbers that will appear in sequence if you begin with a number of Gil x that has a 7 in the tens place (Let's say 5970, exactly enough to buy 99 heal potions).