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Thread: Final Fantasy series for the Nintendo Switch

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    Final Fantasy series for the Nintendo Switch

    Wanted to generate a discussion regarding the FF series and their likelyhood of coming to the Nintendo Switch hybrid system. Do you think Square will eventually port the main series over back to the nintendo home console? or are they locked to just Playstation, Xbox, PC, and Mobile? As we all know the series had it's early start back when it was on the Famicom/NES and the Super Famicom/SNES and due to the lack of power the Nintendo 64 had, Square decided to move over to Sony's console at the time and hasn't seen a nintendo home console release since the contract was made between square and sony up until FFXIII when Square was able to go multiplatform with it's FF games.

    There was an article about Mitsuda expressing interest in bringing Square's back catalogue to the system. The question that remains is that if they do end up releasing FF games for the Switch, how soon do you think this will happen?
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    I'd bet it's sooner than we think.

    Lost Sphear just released, Octopath is on the horizon, and TWEWY is getting a full redesign. SQEX is absolutely on board with the Switch, and there's been some buzz about the potential of a FFXV port. They would be insane not to consider the Switch moving forward.

    Yeah, it doesn't have the power of the other three platforms, but it's no slouch either, and gamers as a whole have proven time and time again that when it comes to RPGs, content is far more valuable than appearance.
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    Its going to cost them nothing to expand the range of console their already made games are on, and make them money for nothing.

    cmon, its squareenix we are talking about. They are money grubbing soulless shadows of what the once were.

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