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Thread: Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Releasing in the West

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    News Post Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Releasing in the West

    Square Enix announced early this week that they will be bringing over the mobile game Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius. Brave Exvius is an original mobile game RPG that continues in the tradition of the series with familiar summons, monsters and creatures to experience in a new story. Starting May 16th pre-registration for the game begins with thresholds unlocking rewards such as Terra and her Magitek.

    Source: Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius To Release Westward For Smartphone Soon - Siliconera
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    This game would be extremely enjoyable if it wasn't riddled with freemium bullshit, as it is now it's merely fun in short bursts. Having iconic characters, heroes and villains alike, fighting on your side is something I wanted to see, shame though it's all poorly executed. However, it's not without its merit. The game looks gorgeous, although the animation itself is bit crude, and the music is surprisingly fantastic. Storywise, I didn't get all that far, but I do have quite a few characters, 40 to be more precise with 2 Metal Minituar, 10 Metal Cactuar, and 6 Metal Gigantuar's in reserve for when I don't have patience or time to level up certain characters. As far as characters from the main franchise go, I have...


    - Kain/Lvl 15/3 Stars
    - Rydia/Lvl 16/3 Stars


    - Krile/Lvl 16/3 Stars
    - Lenna/Lvl 35/4 Stars


    - Biggs/Lvl 16/2 Stars
    - Cyan/Lvl 18/3 Stars
    - Shadow/Lvl 38/3 Stars
    - Wedge/Lvl 17/3 Stars


    - Vivi/Lvl 16/3 Stars


    - Shantotto/Lvl 22/4 Stars


    - Fran/Lvl 38/4 Stars
    - Penelo/Lvl 16/3 Stars
    - Vaan/Lvl 18/3 Stars

    I swear to good, if I get Leena or Shadow one more time I'll throw my phone away (way too many lapis and summoning tickets wasted). I'm also pleasantly surprised with the amount and quality of original characters, and with each update there are even more. Hopefully in near future they improve on and introduce certain things, I myself would love to trade characters with other people.

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