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Thread: Do you want to see more gilgamesh?

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    Do you want to see more gilgamesh?

    I would like to see him again. he is comical, and from my 3rd favorite FF game.
    I have heard that he was planned as a Fal'Cie in FF13, but was scrapped, probably for Xbox's approval or limit. I think he may return in FF13-2.

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    Re: Do you want to see more gilgamesh?

    Gilgamesh is AWESOME!!

    he was hilarious is XII, and would have been a welcome addition to XIII, it would make it a little more bearable than the linear storyline does.

    I could just imagine the Fal'cie Gilgamesh, maybe a rebel Fal'cie that breaks away from the other robotic Fal'cie and has an agenda of his own. His humour would be legendary in XIII

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    Re: Do you want to see more gilgamesh?

    Absolutely! Even though the fact that Gilgamesh is soon becoming an overated comical villian, You can't miss the ideas that he's too awesome to be ignored.

    I really hope to see him more, The thought of seeing him in Dissidia Duodecim, (Or Dissidia 012 if you prefer) made my heart stop, I decided to buy myself an PSP and gawdamn by the game, And it was a good bought! Gilgamesh is fun to play as.

    But i still somehow feel more comfortable playing Mateus anyway.
    But in one way, Gilgamesh beats Mateus in personality wise.
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