First, I'm sorry for the mistakes you will read in this message, but I'm french (nethertheless, I have no problem for read english).

I am trying to play/read/watch the almost integrality of Final Fantasy media (some games, books don't interest me for exemple the Theathrym games, Mobius, or the media which don't be translated into english at least). Related series (Kingdom Hearts, Bravely Default) are concerned to.

My problem is, if I can find easily lists of all Final Fantasy Games (the list of this site is very usefull for me), it's more difficult to find a complete list of final fantasy book, series, manga on the web (on many lists I found some oversights, like "Dad of Light", or "The reaper of the icy blade").
So, I would ask if you know a complete listing of the Final Fantasy media which I can use for help me.

Thank you for your attention !