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Thread: Final Fantasy Music on Piano

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    Final Fantasy Music on Piano

    Dear fans of the wonderful game Final Fantasy!

    I played the Ending Theme of Final Fantasy X on the piano and I would like to show it to you! What do you think of it? :-)

    I played the song on the funeral of my best friend 2 years ago :-\
    It was really hard for me to bring myself to play it in my deepest sorrow, as I had lost a very good friend from childhood ... but the people said the song was really nice and it was great in that occasion!

    Have fun with it!
    so long..
    X3nion =)

    Link to the Video:
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    Ummm how can we see it? Theres no link

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    Sorry Painmaster212 and all the other people, I think the link got lost while the topic was moved!
    I added the link now

    Enjoy! (=

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    Nice job man so is that you or your friend? Btw any advice for someone wanting to play final fantasy songs on piano who has never played the piano?

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