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Thread: Happy Unbirthday Sundance!

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    Cool Happy Unbirthday Sundance!

    Where does the time go? Where does Sundance go?

    It has been nearly five years since I've wished you a happy birthday. You are clearly, by approximation, five (~5) years the wiser, so to celebrate this momentous occasion I wish to extend my congratulations to you on a day that probably has little or no significance with a post that equals this day's significance to you, good sir! And if that makes no sense, that's okay! You're you! Tautology, too!

    This is NOT your birthday, Sundance! Don't even try to pretend that it is! This is just a random thread to see if you still exist out there in the interwebs.


    (note: if you are not named Sundance, you can also wish him a happy unbirthday)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andromeda
    just turn off your PS3 or 360 go to your dust tomb and say you'll give birth to 1500 people a day for the 1000 that'll be killed until the doors to hades open and you can pull out ar tonelico and turn on that glorous PS2 and be bathed in its radiant warm glow

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    Heya, it's me.

    Thank you for the unbirthday wishes. I am now very happy.

    In order to post I had to read the rules of this forum and agree to abide by them. The rules say no necroposting. So now I will be killed.

    Goodbye and fare thee well.

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