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Thread: Easy love song to play on a guitar?

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    Easy love song to play on a guitar?

    Hello friends..
    I am a beginning guitarist and just picked up a new Yamaha Acoustic guitar from Musician's Friend through LINK REMOVED discount deal. Does anyone have any love songs that would be easy for me to learn? I want to impress my girl friend. She is coming back very soon from her vacation trip.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Easy love song to play on a guitar?

    I think pretty much all guitar popsongs about love are easy to play. Most of them are just 4 chords.

    Maybe try Wonderwall by Oasis?
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    Re: Easy love song to play on a guitar?

    More than words by Extreme is pretty easy to play if you have a few hours to get the strumming right. The problem is the stacatto element but anyone can pick it up if they try.
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    Re: Easy love song to play on a guitar?

    To Be With You - mr big
    maybe lovesong by the cure
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    Re: Easy love song to play on a guitar?

    I suggest you try this song.
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    Re: Easy love song to play on a guitar?

    Everlong, by Foo Fighters.

    Bitches love it, and will be on your nuts like flies on shit, especially with an acoustic.
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