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  1. My Cat Almost Died, Now We're Broke

    I really really -really- hate doing this.

    Like it's mega uncomfortable for me and I don't like it at all.


    My cat is recovering wonderfully, and she's allllllmost back to her old self now, though it'll still be awhile before she's 100% again.

    She didn't go down without a fight, though. Kitty left a huge gash on the dog's snout and another just over his eye. She's tough ...
  2. So, am I updating this...?

    by , 09-08-2015 at 08:07 PM (The Michael Swayne Story V: King of his Castle)
    Long time, no write!

    I have not been busy. I have not visited the site often. I have not done much of anything.

    Work is the same as always. Kind of. The chain on my bike broke apart, and I'm using Carma's mountain bike until I finish paying off the ones I've been making payments on for the last few months. I bought a messenger bag to help me on my route. It is blue, and smaller than my old one. It works.

    Work with Larry had stagnated. One week, ...
  3. The Sound of Silence

    Well hello!

    So, yesterday was my birthday, but it was uneventful. As I had hoped it would be. Didn't make any plans or anything like that, just decided to stay home (like I always do) and enjoy the absence of my neighbors. The best gift I could be given is solitude.

    I need solitude.

    I love being by myself. I love the sound of silence. I love the almost surreal feeling that only being by yourself, in the dark, late at night can give you.

  4. You should see the paragraphs I deleted before clicking 'post now'.

    by , 07-26-2015 at 01:09 PM (˙uɐɔ I ʍouʞ I sıɥʇ op I uɐƆ)
    Officially speaking the last activity I had on these forums was in February 2015, five months ago. This activity coincided with a life changing event for me, in the form of a new job - the starting rung on a career - an opportunity as a designer at a AAA game studio, one which I won't name here to prevent any unfortunate paper trails - however I have a feeling a fair proportion of you already know. This exciting opportunity had the drawback of having to move to what is technically a different country ...
  5. Just in case I didn't say enough yesterday...

    by , 07-21-2015 at 07:10 PM (The Michael Swayne Story V: King of his Castle)
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