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  1. Searching for my own castle...

    by , 02-23-2017 at 06:34 PM (The Michael Swayne Story IV: Dethroned)
    So, it has been four months since my last entry. Honestly, not a lot of stuff has happened. Well, that's not true. A bunch of stuff has happened, but nothing that I felt needed written here.

    Here's a brief rundown of what has happened since the last time I wrote:

    - My sister lost her job at Walmart. She has not worked since. She owes me $690.
    - I failed three of my four courses at college, because I didn't catch up on the little assignments. I aced the ...
  2. If I'm going to be honest...

    I really dont feel comfortable where I am. I know that things are definitely better than what they were, Im about to reap the rewards of a great financial investment coming to fruitition within the next 2 months, I have achieved a couple of goals including losing weight and getting into shape, currently at 76kg from 90kg, I also started fighting which is teaching me a lot about myself in terms of facing fears, most of which stems from ones self as opposed to others, which I found interesting. But ...
  3. A Year of Free Content Updates Planned

    Quote Originally Posted by Andromeda View Post
    Tabata talked about plans for the future of Final Fantasy XV, which will not be ending with the shipped game or even DLC. As already seen with the Crown Update, in addition to the planned paid DLC, there will be updates to give new content for free to all users. They have three stages of plans, short, medium and long term plans for the game. Some of those plans include, improvements to chapter 13, new cutscenes to expand on characters, new playable characters, a new game plus mode, low level
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  4. A Long Story Short (Part 2)

    Well, hello there, TFF! I hope you all are well!

    I am back!

    Everything has sorted itself out, so I return once again.

    By the way, happy 2017 everyone!
  5. My rant of my feelings & my love for import games so far I've tried & so far i love

    This blog is a little or some of my rant of my feelings & my love for import games so far I've tried & so far i love and please bear with me if you don't mind reading this blog sometimes i don't know should i hide my love of import games & i admit I'm in love with import games or i think i am in love with import games.

    1 of the many examples I'm sure some of you might agree with me is that Japan have some great & fun games and before you ask me only region free games ...
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