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3vil Chef.

Official Apology

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CYAN COURT: Pompous vs. Family

Pompous Cyan in the witness box: "It was due to the misplacement of my stupid scanner, that my sketch is still not finished."
Snotty plaintiff attorney Cyan: "You lie. The reason you're not done with it is because you've been watching Dexter season 4!!! You got caught up in the gore and criminal intrigue and we have witnesses! Admit it!"
Cyan defense attorney: "Objection, your honor. The Plaintiff's barrister has yet to produce any 'witnesses'. She has, furthermore, been accused of attempting to tarnish Pompous Cyan's flawless, upstanding record on many prior occasions. I object to this whole hearing!"
Dozing Judge Cyan: "Objection Sustained."
Snotty Plaintiff attorney Cyan: "But, your honor, what of the family of the wronged? Are you going to sit there and tell them there is no justice!?!"
Soggy family Cyan in pews, blowing noses: "We demand justice - we don't care what that means."
Dozing Judge Cyan: "Silence! I have no idea who I'm going to vote for in the coming election! I can't be expected to entertain this internal garbage! Case dismissed!"

I'm real sorry. I'll look for the scanner tomorrow.

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  1. Yoko's Avatar
    Vote for Obama and you might stay on the island for 4 more years.

    Wait that's Survivor.
  2. Cyanist's Avatar
    Hmm The side that prefers the devil I know to the devil I don't is very tempted, but alas, things are more complicated than that. U.U
  3. Yoko's Avatar
    Its better than things going on in Canada. The Liberal party is ****ing shit up again. Dammmmmmmmn it!!!!!!!!