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The Michael Swayne Story V: King of his Castle

Semester #1 - Done (...)

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Oh my, almost three months since my last entry! School took a lot more out of me than I had planned. Oh well, it is over, and now I can reflect on it.

Three of my four courses were enjoyable. I liked the two math courses because of math. Biology was fine, with my only problem being time limits for the tests. And Sociology was icky. It is fine, if you like that sort of thing, but I didn't. I prefer my little world where things happen because they happen, and not because society had made it so you think that they happen that way. I had no interest in it, and no motivation to complete the assignments. However, with what I did finish, I managed to pull out a B grade. The last open-ended answer assignment was to reflect on the course, and tell what you learned about it. Oh, I wish I had thought of saving my answer to my laptop before submitting it. It was good. I threw sociology back at them in my response. I ended up getting full credit for trashing the topic, so it is all good. What is also good is that the professor is somewhat computer illiterate, and screwed up in giving us a final exam. In the end, the final was cancelled, and I was happier than I had ever been during the course. I await my final grade to be posted to my records, but I do know that it is 86.04%, or a high B.


This was actually the professor's first time in administering an online course. And for the most part, it was nice. I didn't like how some assignments were due at random times throughout the day. But I think that was due to his new approach to teaching. Maybe he didn't understand the clock function or something. Oh well. I finished each assignment, although some were late. I couldn't really help it. By the end, I was working every day, and had no time to complete the assignments due to being so tired. I personally liked that I was able to earn extra credit through some of the online quizzes. It helped a lot, because despite knowing the material, I had trouble double-checking my answers with the textbook, and ran close on time with each test. And the final was timed as well, which was not good for me. I tanked it, scoring 67%. So, the extra credit throughout the semester helped keep my grade at 86.45%, or a B.

Allied Health Mathematics:

Okay, this was my elective math course that I took because it would be an easy A for me. And it was. In fact, it was the only A I received the semester. I had already taken the course once before, but as the bus driver. The material was exactly the same as before, and I was finished with all of the online assignments days before each was due. My problem with this course was finding time to complete the notebook required for it. It was different when I did it for the bus driver. For mine, I had to disguise my hand writing to make it look different than the one that was submitted by the bus driver. Even though the professor was different for each of us, there is always a chance that it could be reviewed by the one that taught the bus driver. Plus, with working more, I just had not enough time for it. Thankfully, my other assignments, and my exams more than made up for my wonky handwriting (I wrote it right-handed) in my notebook. I received an A for the course, but the page with the numerical grades for the course has already closed. I think it was a 92% or something around there.

College Algebra:

Despite how my grades were sometimes when the assignments came in, I really enjoyed this course. I like the content, except for when it was put into real-world applications. I hate word problems as much as I hate some people, so you know I hate it a lot. In the end, I scored the highest in the course, which isn't saying much since I only received 82.1%, or a B. The professor told me that he would like to see me in Calculus sometime, and that he would send me the learning materials so I can stay up with the class, even if I am not actually taking the course. I have yet to reply to him, because I don't know what to say. Anyway, I already told him that he would have to offer the course online if I was to take it, because I still cannot drive.

This semester of college was originally just supposed to be a one-time thing, to see if I could handle the course load along with my other work. I did not intend to go more than that one semester, because I was worried that I couldn't afford more than that one summer. But then, I received a scholarship. I added that with what I expected to receive in financial aid if I were to attend a full year, and found I would not have to pay for anything. In fact, during the summer, I learned that I didn't use all of the aid I received, and got a check for the remaining portion. So, I was like, why not? I filed for 2016-17 financial aid, signed up for classes, and ordered the books (well, most of the books, I am waiting for Biology II's list of materials to be posted). I guess I am a full-time student with a full-time job, and no time for anything else in life.

Here's what I am taking starting August 22:
MATH 1124 Finite Mathematics (Elective, And also a step down from College Algebra)
BIOL 1105 Biology II (a continuation of the Biology I already had, but uses a different book, apparently)
BIOL 2205 Anatomy and Physiology (I need another Science course for my degree, and this one was open. Plus, it doesn't involve actual dissection, since it's online)
ENGL 1101 English Composition I (I took the English Placement again after my disappointing score, and score a nearly perfect grade. So I get to start taking the English required courses. I am glad, because I will still be on track to finish in 4 semesters.)

Speaking of which, if I choose to pay for the summer semester out of pocket, I could actually be finished with my degree by this time next year. That would be good, because then I could focus on what to do after sooner. I still don't know what to do. I could go on to a four-year university, but I still don't know what to do after after. I thought since I already work at GE, I would have a foot in the door if I were to go into Engineering. But then, the thought of teaching is still in my mind as well. But then, what would I want to teach? Mathematics, or a language? And where would I want to teach it? America, or a foreign country? Iris and I were talking, and she actually envies me because I am still so unsure of what I want to do. She says that she is thinking of ending her education, because she may not want to do what her degree is geared toward. I envy her because she has a plan, even if she doesn't want to do that anymore.

Moving on...

I still don't have my driver's license. I have been practicing, but I have been too busy with work and school to actually take the test. I am hoping to at least take the test once before the fall semester of school starts. I do not expect to pass on the first attempt, but that is not why I want to do it. I am not aiming to pass. It would be great if I did, but my goal is to see what the test entails, and then I can adjust my practicing for what they are expecting. I just want to get one attempt under my belt and see what it is about. No, if I was wanting to pass on the first attempt, I would be driving every minute I could in the hopes of passing. But I am not worried about it at all.

Work is going well. I still work at both the newspaper, and as Larry's assistant both at his house and at GE. I receive a check on Thursday for the paper, and on Friday for Larry (provided I have 20 hours built up). I am making roughly $1,000 per month, which is enough to keep me current in my bills, with some extra money for a video game or five if I want.

Well, that's all for now. I am spending this break from school resting up and playing video games. In the next entry, I will talk about our new people that live here. And it will not be a good story.

I hope to see you around the forums, and until then...



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  1. Rocky's Avatar
    Good to hear from you again and good job on your grades!

    You have a very interesting point of view and intellect that I respect from getting to know you through your stories. I'm glad to see you in higher education; the way you write and express yourself shows me that you would excel at college.

    Keep up the good work and carry on!