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Small Girl, Big Life


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It's been awhile.

Hope everyone's good and junk!

Life in The Big Apple is aight, I suppose. I wouldn't mind the heat so much if I didn't sweat buckets within 3 seconds of being outside. IDK why, but my head sweats a lot and it ruins my hair- which has recently decided to become extremely dry and no amount of DIY moisturizing hair masks and/or deep conditioners help it.

My girl came up for 3 weeks last month. My sister's girlfriend flew her up and then I flew her back to Nashville. We spent a metric **** ton of money on her- doing all the touristy things, going out to eat, buying her the American Girl Doll she desperately wanted (seriously. Lunch @ American Girl Place, the Kit doll, extra outfit, and book- $300), etc... I miss her terribly.

Lunch @ American Girl Place with borrowed Kit doll, and then waiting on the train to go home.. I made her lug the bag part way down 5th Ave.. It was highly amusing.
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4th of July down on South St. Pier in Lower Manhattan.. The USO Show Troupe performed.. They were doing a medley of songs and went into "Proud To Be An American" by Lee Greenwood- my mom's favorite song. It was both her ringtone and her ringback tone on her phone and they played it pretty much on repeat at her funeral. Anyway.. It caught me way off guard, and I had a complete meltdown.

Parker got to meet one of the girls afterwards!
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My sister & her gf are possibly coming up for Labor Day Weekend, so I'll get to have her again then for a couple of days.

My dad is back in Texas- my sister wasn't keeping up with her promise to check on him at least once a week, the monthly rent to park the RV was way too expensive ($500/mo), and he hates big cities. And didn't really have friends there like he does in TX. He's much happier now. There are a ton of people that really care about him there. The only down side is now I have to split my time between 3 different states. And because I never know exactly how long I'll be staying with my dad at any given time (when I flew home to hang out with my girl for her Spring Break & stay with him, I wound up staying for 3 weeks), there's no sense in bothering with an actual job.

Hopefully part-time babysitting will work out.

On the up side, we've found a new apartment! It's a duplex type deal down in the Rockaway-ish area! 2 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom, huuuuuuge living room, kitchen has a dishwasher (praise Jesus), and there's a washer & dryer upstairs (again, praise Jesus). Our bedroom has a walk-in closet that connects to the main bathroom and an ocean view! There's also a small fenced in backyard and a wraparound porch.

We can have a dog- which we're going to pick out next Saturday.. We're getting a Russian Boxer puppy! Yay! Except for the price tag.. *dies* But, it's worth it. I've wanted a boxer of my own for many many many years.

And the place is 1/2 block away from the beach & the A train, and .5 mile away from the grocery store and the YMCA (which we get a year's free membership to).

Jay is about to graduate from his trade school next month- he's won Top Tech award like every month- and then he'll switch to regular college. He's finally come back around to nursing school, thank goodness.

So there's that..

Fun fun fun!

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  1. Pete's Avatar
    You're welcome for your house, stop n shop and ymca. Me and my friends have personally made sure that it all won't fall, from about 2009 to about this past march haha.

    And you're sweating because of humidity... we have it here and it sucks
  2. noxious.sunshine's Avatar
    Thanks v. much Pete! ^_^ lol <3