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Kurt Zisa

1095 days

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It's been what, 4 months since I updated this? I've been meaning to since the start of the new year but I kept putting if off for a variety of reasons.

Had a pretty awesome few days of gaming. I beat The Emperor for the first time on Final Fantasy II, and completed Metal Gear Rising Revengence on Easy Mode.

Whenever I'd step foot into Pandemonium i'd get jumped by a group of Dark Knights, or Death Riders, or whatever they're called, and my party would get picked off one by one. So this time I decided to put Agility and Evasion over sheer Attack and Defense and equipped everyone with a shield and took off all their armor save for a vest that boosts Agility. So as they took damage in battle their evasion and agility went from 0 to 99 with a shield equipped (those two stats are quite strange in this game, the heavier your armor, the lower your evasion is and you wont get nearly as many boosts to either stat.) So yeah with those stats nice and high, I made my way thought the final dungeon and beat that smug sob The Emperor.

I kinda gave up on Soul of Rebirth after the first dungeon, it just seemed like too much of a grind to get the new party strong enough to tackle the rest of it. Ricard's nice and strong though, it's just the others who need to catch up unfortunately.

Oh and in other news today's my third year of being a member here, I just remembered that now when I saw that date on the screen. So thanks to everyone for making TFF an awesome place to hangout and I hope everyone will stick around for many more years to come.

Oh and in other, other news, I'm turning 20 tomorrow, which feels really strange. Like i'm not sure what I'm supposed to do, or what's expected of me, it just feels strange to be two decades old .

There was going to be more in this, but as usual I just sort of forgot. I think i'll stick to making this mainly a gaming blog, as it's just easier to type and remember most of the time.

Anyway, thank you TFF for the three years and i'll see you guys around the forums.

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  1. Michael Swayne's Avatar
    Congrats on three years, and Happy birthday!