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Once again, I'm still not dead!

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Well, as the title says, I'm still here. Those of you who've had me in your death pool can suck it!

All joking aside, things have been crazy lately, hence my not being around as much. Work has me bouncing around all over the lower parts of the state. It's getting pretty meh at this point. There's a new supervisor, who used to be an old inspector, and he's being a hardass about the smallest things. On one hand, it's good that everyone's getting on the same page and the quality of inspection is going up, but it's a little more difficult to just do a single easy job and duck out of the rest of the day.

In July, I thought I was going to be making quite a major career change, but unfortunately that didn't happen. I'm guessing that there was a good deal of last minute paperwork that just didn't get processed in time. Literally, I had to hand in a crazy amount of stuff in the middle of June, have my entire history sent up the chain 3 times, and then have it all accepted in time for the end of June/ beginning of July. I'm hoping for January though, and have been busting my ass to get into even better shape, so I suppose I do have that. Either way, I'll figure something out.

Other than that, things have been pretty much the same. Things with the lady are quite great! Hard to believe it's been over a year already.

But yeah, that's what I've been up to. Hope everyone else is still living the dream!

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  1. loaf's Avatar
    I moved to Texas.
  2. Yoko's Avatar
    HE LIVES! Appreciate the update, Sir! Glad all is well ^_^
  3. Polk's Avatar
    Great to see that you're doing alright, man. Your presence around here is greatly missed.
  4. loaf's Avatar
    I'd be more impressed if Jin posted.
  5. LocoColt04's Avatar
    It's funny you mention that, loaf - Jin and I have been talking 2-3 times a week for the past month now. I should steer him directly into this journal entry haha
  6. loaf's Avatar
    I know he's on PSN all the time. Pretty sure Jin and I are a divorced couple now.