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Kurt Zisa

Pokemon LeafGreen - Meet the Crew

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After having Pokemon Blue for the past... 12ish years I've finally got a chance to play it's remake: LeafGreen, and aside from most of the music, I'm really enjoying it.

I want to make a sort of walkthrough Blog of the game as I play through it, just posting my team's stats, moves and my overall progress in the game. It'l be a bit like when I did the Final Fantasy IV Blogs a while ago which you can find if you look back to last year's entries.

Ok, on to the game!

Well i've just made it through Mt. Moon (emphasis on the 'just') and I'm training up in the route before Cerulean City, and making a dash to the Pokemon Center every now and then whenever guys get low on HP or PP. I'm kinda tight when it comes to money in these games, I'd rather spend it on TM's rather than buying tonnes of Potions and Pokeball's all of the time.

Here's the team: (No nicknames this time, I just want to play through the game)

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Name:	185px-002Ivysaur.png 
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ID:	23846
1. Ivysaur (male)
Level: 20
Type: Grass/Poison
Moves: Tackle, Vine Whip, Sleep Powder, Leech Seed
Nature: Quiet (Sp.Attack+, Speed-)
Stats: All around bulk with emphasis on HP, Sp.Atk and Sp.Def.

I went with Bulbasaur this time because I'm starting to like attacks that deal indirect damage (sapping foes health between turns with Leech Seed). Kinda regretting it though because there are so many Poison or part Poison types in this game I'm almost always having to rely on Leech Seed to get the edge over Poison type opponents (damn Zubats and their x4 resistance to Grass attacks). Sleep Powder is good for catching guys and stalling foes while I sap thier health with Leech Seed (hehehehe).

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Name:	056Mankey.png 
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ID:	23847
2.Mankey (male)
Level: 20
Type: Fighting
Moves: Scratch, Leer, Rock Tomb, Karate Chop
Nature: Hasty (Speed+, Defense-)
Stats: Huge emphasis on Attack and Speed but very frail due to his lowered Defense.

I got Manky because you can't actually catch them in Red and Blue (or even at all in Blue) in the area that you can catch them in this game, if that makes sense. Basically they're there so that if you chose Charmander, you can have more of a chance of beating Brock. Although I never had too much trouble when I picked the Fire Lizard. Mankey's got good attack and speed, but without Rock Tomb he's pretty helpless against Poison or Flying types that can take a Karate Chop. I am most pleased to hear that Brick Break is available as a TM halfway through the game.

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Name:	160px-035Clefairy.png 
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ID:	23848
3. Clefairy (female)
Level: 19
Type: Normal
Moves: Mega Punch, Growl, Encore, Sing
Nature: Jolly (Speed+, Sp.Atk-)
Stats: Big emphasis on HP and Sp.Def, everything else is average to below average.

I wanted to get a Zubat from Mt. Moon at first but I don't think you can evolve them into Crobat until after the main story which is annoying, so I decided to hunt around for the rare Clefairy instead. It's a level behind the other two because I only caught it a few hours ago. I was pretty surprised how easy she is to level up, I thought with it being a rare pokemon it would need a lot of exp. I gave it Mega Punch from the move tutor outside of Mt. Moon to replace Pound, with did half the damage. The other attacks don't get used at all, and will probably be replaced with Water Pulse, Thunderbolt and Softboiled when I find them.

I think that's good for now, I can't say how often I'll post the game's progress, it'l probably be whenever I catch a new guy or something significant happens.

If there's anything you'd like to suggest, or add on to what I've said, or just want to talk Pokemon, make sure to comment or drop me a vm.

Thanks for reading and I'll see you guys around the forums.

Now bear with me as I try to make everything look pretty and bolded​.

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  1. Michael Swayne's Avatar
    That's an interesting combination. I am concerned that you may have difficulty against Misty. Despite having a type advantage with Ivysaur, at his current level Misty's Starmie will still be formidable. I am surprised that you don't have a Pikachu on your team to combat it, even if it would be a temporary teammate.

    Props to you for picking Clefairy as well. I am Jigglypuff guy myself, but Clefairy is cool too. Any plans on evolving her to a Clefable?

    If I were closer I would use my copy of FireRed to trade with you so you could catch them all (provided GBA games from two different regions are able to connect to each other).
  2. Kurt Zisa's Avatar
    Thanks for the advice, I've still got to travel through the Nugget Bridge and Cerulean Cape so that should boost my team's levels by at least 2 or 3. Misty's Starmie is definately going to be a formidable opponent this time around. I think the plan will be to take down Staryu with Mankey, and if he lasts long enough, maybe hit Starmie with a Rock Tomb before he goes down. Of course this is assuming that Rock Tomb will hit and that I'm not outsped and killed on the first turn. I think going all out with attacks will be the best strategy.

    I haven't had a Clefairy in a long, long time, usualy because they aren't in the most convineient of locations. Clefable make really good tanks though, once she gets some better attacks I think she's really going to shine. Jigglypuff are pretty fun too there's almost always a strong Normal type in my teams, they can be so versatile. Lickilicky's another favourite.

    I tend to evolve pokemon with stones (or by trading) when they start to lag behind the others, usually around level 30 or so, unless they learn a good move before their final evolution.

    I'm glad you enjoyed reading it cos I really enjoyed writing it haha. Gaming blogs are my favourite kind to write and read.
  3. Michael Swayne's Avatar
    Every time I would go up against Misty, Starmie would always resort to Water Pulse. I hate Water Pulse, because it seemed that it would always confuse my team. My strategy when I would play is having a party of 6 leveled evenly, and that is not always best. On average, the team would be at Level 15-18. Misty fights with two 19+ Pokemon.

    I also never take into account their natures and how it affected stats. I always liked Pokemon Contests more than Gym Battles. Natures were just an indicator I used to determine what moves would work best in contests. In LeafGreen and FireRed, I trained the Pokemon that were best suited for Contests and then trade them over to Sapphire and compete.
  4. Kurt Zisa's Avatar
    I used to get quite obsessive over the Natures and IV's of the Pokemon I caught, eventually it got to the point where I was just put off playing the games for a while. Now I'm not so bad, as long as their main attacking stat, like Mankey's attack, isn't lowered, or say a Geodude's Defense isn't reduced I don't mind too much.

    As for the battle with Misty, I'll cover it in my next blog