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Sort of an update

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Thought I'd make another post to update whats going on. I'm improving since last post, little by little, still got things to learn and sort out, but I'm getting there. I've been going around town and allowing myself to get in different environments which helps my mood some. I bumped into a few people I knew while I was out the other day, it was nice catching up with them and talking about current events.

School is going ok so far, been busting butt to read through chapter 7 of cisco discovery 2 because I thought the quiz for it was already posted on our intranet (not internet) website. When I went to check to see what kind of questions were on the test I learned the actual quiz hasn't been posted yet #fail. At least that gives me time to do the physical lab activities. We have hands-on labs to do to get experience with putting cables in routers and switches and configuring the devices, gets annoying sometimes, but at least we're getting our hands dirty in doing so.

As for my gaming world, I've been playing games such as: Animal Crossing for the Wii, Energy Breaker for snes on my wii homebrew emulator, and Chronicles of the Radia War for the nes (which is actually quite good for a nes game). I'm thinking about starting a game of Chrono Trigger once again because I haven't played that in forever and may play Super Adventure Island II again. Funny fact about the adventure island game: whenever I visit the island, Poka Poka, the first few notes of the song causes my dog to jump to attention. It happens every time too XD. In fact, anything in a video game that sounds like whistling will cause her to react like that.

Last thing I have to post about, I've been reading a rather fascinating japanese-english comparison about the many versions of FFIV at a place known as legends of localization. The translator going through the differences is comparing FF II (US), FF IV, FF IV easy type and he is going to later go through the GBA translation, DS, and J2e's translation of FFIV. I learned quite a lot from that localization comparison.

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  1. LocoColt04's Avatar
    Dude, Animal Crossing is the shit. I can't wait for the 3DS one to finally come out...
  2. SuperSabin's Avatar
    It is, man, it is. Haven't played the wii one for a few days. Still have yet to pay off my house in the game haha, but i caught some fish, got some insects, and a fossil. Also picked up some nice furniture. Oh, just to let ya know, i'm going to be picking up DoA 5 very soon for PS3. I have to wait for the store i'm getting it from to receive the copies the staff ordered in.