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How Many TImes Do I Do?

Taking a break.

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An extended one perhaps. Julie will have to find someone else's posts to like. Sorry Julie! Anyhoo...

Wuv, Yer Mom

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  1. LocoColt04's Avatar
    It's okay, she can like EVERYBODY'S POSTS in the meantime!!
  2. noxious.sunshine's Avatar
    Or she can hack Tel's account like he does her's. Then it'll be like he was never gone.

    Can I take over your whole "Anyhoooooooo Wuv, Yer Mom" thing until you get back? PLEASE? lmao
  3. Incognitus's Avatar
    Breaks are good. I go on extended breaks for years at a time, so I would know!
  4. Taco-Calamitous's Avatar
    lulz, that's cool guys. But seriously, I'm leaving for realz. I'm tired of the bullshit and putting effort into something and no one appreciating it. I'm taking Julie with me.
  5. Alpha's Avatar'll find that all over the Internet. I'm curious as to whether you have a specific grudge for a particular person or thing that went awry? Because it seems kind of normal here to me.