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Kurt Zisa

Mah Blurgh

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I have a lot of time to kill at work. I'm mostly busy, but when you're washing dishes for six and a half hours with only a wall to stare at, your mind tends to wonder a bit.

I've been creating these characters and stories in my head for the past few years, take a guess at what they might be, and while I'm on my shift I've had plenty of time to think stuff over. I've probably made enough characters and storylines to actually do something but I always struggle getting them from my head and onto paper. I've written a couple pages here and there, as well as draw several guys but I can never really settle on how everything fits together.

Anyway I thought it would be a cool idea if a Final Fantasy had a sort of Onion Weapon. Something that you fight as the first boss and is super easy, and then you fight it as the game's final super boss (because there should always be more than one) and it has like 1,000,000+ health or something. Like Garland, but better. And then I tried to quote the Kaiser Dragon from VI but I'd forgotten most of what he said.

Yeah IDK if you've read it already in that other thread but until recently, I had never owned a Zelda game. I played what I think was Link's Awakening on a friend's Gameboy years and years ago, but I've never had my own one. Nintendo games are so damn expensive that they were always out of my price range. So when I saw Spirit Tracks for like $40 I snapped it up quick, so that I would no longer have to hide my shame. I told the cashier it was my first one too and he said "you at least know that difference between Link and Zelda, right?" to which I replied "yeah Zelda's the green guy". I swear he was about to explode so I told him who was who, we had a laugh and I went on my way. I love to get reactions out of people like that.

A bit of a short entry but at least I managed to get something down.

Thanks for reading, i'll see you guys around the forums.

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  1. Michael Swayne's Avatar
    Spirit Tracks is the only LoZ I have ever finished. I really liked it. I like trains, and so a game about a train is fun.
  2. Kurt Zisa's Avatar
    I'm part way through the water kingdom, or whatever it's called. I really like the train parts too, no boulders or signposts are left in my wake.

    Using the fan and the pan flute gets me really light headed if it takes a couple tries to complete whatever the task is. I was so glad when I got the Boomerang, which basically does the same thing.
  3. Michael Swayne's Avatar
    My favorite parts were when Link would perform alongside the sages. Some of those tunes were really pulling at my emotions, though they were wordless little numbers.

    I had to get used to using my breath along with the stylus. It was not easy to do being left handed.