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3vil Chef.

I geeve up

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Realist Cyan: "This will be my twenty fifth blog - and my last" T_T
Gamer girl Cyan: "Duuude. Don't get so T.O.ed, it's not personal, there just aren't that many blog readers out there yet!!!! Don't give up!!!"
Realist Cyan: "Does it occur to you that I'm speaking to different versions of myself because I don't have that many people to talk to?"
Gamer Cyan: "ya know it did."
Realist Cyan: "Good. Just checking if the world is still sane. Anyway, yeah, a small part of me thinks if I got more feedback I might feel differently - look at me, talking about 'feelings' that's progress!"
Gamer Cyan: "Props to ya, girl."
Realist Cyan: "-But there's another issue here, I realize that his illustrious majesty Micheal Swayne is a successful blogger and gets views because he's honest about what's going on in his life, it makes sense, how can I expect people to be interested in me when I haven't told them who I am, everything that's happened? and I'm just not ready to meet that level of candidity...if I ever will be. It's all too soon."
Gamer Cyan: "A-hyuk, Candidity SHOULD be a word."
Realist Cyan: "It's an ongoing crisis and I can't stop to write this stuff down or I may just realize how awful everything really is."
Gamer Cyan: "Duuude, it must be truly horrific. Would you say it's worse than...say, what other bloggers are going through currently?"
Realist Cyan: "I would not hesitate to make that affirmation if I weren't so bummed out about it. Don't wanna go there. I'm getting the urge to vomit just thinking. Let's get back on subject. My suggestion is that I stop blogging."
Gamer Cyan: "Nooo! Don't! You'll be cutting yourself off! You're already pretty isolated."
Realist Cyan: "Don't fret, I know what I need, and that's to gain my footing, and I'm not getting it done here. Other people have consistently let me down, so, inevitably, I need to return to trusting just myself."
I'll use this blog for announcing new sketches and giving links to those, but otherwise I'm taking a break. reinventing, solidifying myself, that hippy stuff..."
Gamer Cyan: "But what about my crazy urges to splurge onto a page?!?"
Realist Cyan: =_=' "Yeah, all that stuff will go back to being internalized. Don't worry, this will help both of us."
Gamer Cyan: "You are soo gonna be back next week."
Realist Cyan: "No I ain't - unless I finish a sketch"

Wish me luck, guys

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  1. Rocky's Avatar
    sketch me please......

    :3 :3
  2. Michael Swayne's Avatar
    Here's some feedback. Your blog has received 2,468 views at the time of this comment. That's an average of 98.72 views per entry. Also, your blog has the 8th highest amount of comments (which will actually raise to 7th once this comment is posted).

    I personally read every entry of every blog I have access to (some members keep their blogs viewable to only friends, contacts and staff). And I must say that I enjoy reading yours. I love reading the conversations between the various versions of yourself. It is very engaging and entertaining to read.

    With that being said, I am not the type of person to leave a ton of "Likes". Several TFF members can attest to this with my "Like" record on Facebook. I rarely Like something. Here at TFF, I have only given out three Likes since the change to the new layout, and all three of those were given just this month. I prefer the Reputation system, and still give out a +rep from time to time.

    *Granted, I give a "Thumbs Up" to a lot of stuff on YouTube. Mainly because I am too lazy to make Playlists. Once it gets a Thumbs Up, it goes on my Likes List, and then I don't have to mess around with thinking of a title or any of those other details.

    Anyway, I don't think you should stop blogging. If you stop blogging, then I will have to shorten the allotted time I give myself on reading blogs. I will then have to find something else to do to fill that space. Either that, or sit motionless until it is time for whatever it is that I do after reading blogs.

    So, please, don't stop blogging. I hate to sit motionless until it is time for whatever it is that I do after reading blogs. My mind starts racing, and I start to think about things I shouldn't. And I shouldn't think about those things.
  3. Kurt Zisa's Avatar
    You've got a good thing going, don't worry about your blog's views or comments, or anyone else's for that matter. I use mine as a way to get random thoughts out of my head as well as a way to talk to people. I'm not very good at leaving comments or VM's or even making threads so I type stuff out so that when people read it it saves them from making awkward conversation with me. That's how I see it anyway

    I hardly see you around the forums as it is, so if you stop Blogging stuff will happen.
  4. LocoColt04's Avatar
    I second not only everything that Michael said, but also... sketch Rocky. Then you'll have a sketch completed!
  5. Rocky's Avatar
    I can give you full body pictures that you can do what you wish with them

    for science of course

    if this isnt going where you want it to I'll stop but if not then I shall continue heh heh
  6. LocoColt04's Avatar