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  1. Car Crashes and Prom Dresses... fun.

    Date: August 21, 2012
    Music: Taylor Swift - Haunted
    Quote of the day: "Never drink acid." My Chemistry Teacher Mr. Budke
    Picture of the day :3:
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    (Lion I drew for art last year! I believe I got a... silver? Don't remember...)

    It's been awhile hasn't it? .....

    Anyways, after that awkward silence that was really... awkward, I would like to list some things
  2. grateful day

    AH. I had a good night's sleep, and got up feeling grateful. Grateful, even though I have one, that my life does not revolve around a specific goblin who sends tingles of fear down my spine and belongs in purgatory.
    (With the way things are going, I should really sleep-in more often...)
    I'm grateful that the kitchen is not flooded... grateful that the floor isn't covered in vomit... grateful no one is swearing at me, grateful, in a way, that I messed up earlier, because people have ...
  3. Billlllllllllllllllllllyy yyyyyyyyy!

    Did that catch your attention? Anyway...

    [Horrifically off-key]
    Who’s the greatest warrior ever?
    A hero of renown?

    Who slayed an Evil Ocean?
    Who cast the The Litch King down?
    And that time the evil Fire Count
    Captured a damsel fair.
    Who saved her with such brav'ry
    That she offered him her hair?

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