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A blog post focused on fiction, or containing fictional story.

  1. Shift - Chapter 41 - Trouble in Different Packages

    Yuki stared for a moment at the three punks that were looking for a fight with him. He looked over at Saki catching the look in her eye as she stood with Chiharu watching the boys. ‘I thought I was through with those days…’

    Chiharu did not leave her stance not willing to let Saki calm her down. “You know these boys?”

    “Not so much,” Saki said with some reluctance in her voice. She had hoped to get out of the situation that they were in without anymore incidences, but ...
  2. Shift - Chapter 40 - Strength to See

    The girl flew through the air launching her entire self at Saki so fast that Saki did not know what to think. She wanted to shout out to the girl, but it was already beyond words at this point for the girl. There was only one intention with her and that was to fight Saki. As the girl got into the air and pulled her leg around from behind adding spin to it as she turned, Saki could only raise her arms up block the incoming kick bracing for the impact.

    Chapter 40 – Strength to See ...
  3. Flesh is for Gods - Episode 13 - Tomorrow's Hope

    "We're connected Asami. I know that now. I can't deny it anymore. I can't let my confusion cloud my eyes any longer." He could see Asami as he remember her. She had been blurred and out of focus to him for so long. He remembered this feeling that he had felt before. It was not lost, as he had thought. Satoru raised his head up proudly looking straight into her eyes without any more hesitations or reservations. He could say it to her now and know that it was honest from his heart and nothing ...
  4. Shift - Chapter 39 - Shattered Thoughts

    School had already ended with the end of the week having arrived for the students. Most of them had already gone home or were out spending time with their friends. Saki was visiting a friend, but it was not a happy occasion for her. She was on the twelfth floor of the west wing of the Konomoka General Hospital, the psych ward.

    This had been a matter that had been weighing on her and trying her emotions since the time in the warehouse when she found Takako. She had not known Takako ...
  5. Shift - Chapter 38 - Gushing Imagination

    “Ayumi!” Yuki shouted reflexively as he realized that she was standing between him and the assassin’s sword. He tried to reach out his hand for Ayumi seeing the blinding shadow in front of him, but as the blood trailed up into the air the cut had already been made. He thought he could see Ayumi’s lifeless eyes as she fell backwards just before a blinding white light burst from the center bleaching everything. Yuki tried to run for Ayumi to catch her, but was stopped by some unseen force that ...
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