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A blog post focused on art created by hand or containing art created by hand.

  1. Cyan's best sketch yet!!!

    Hello peopleses. Before I reveal my latest and there's no doubt, my greatest sketch, I'd like to whine once more.
    After much thought and due deliberation I have discovered many things that I do not like about the forum updates. One MORE complaint is: there simply aren't enough selfless people on this site to support, read and comment on the massive amounts of blogs that keep cropping up. I imagine it's terribly insulting to pour one's soul into a page and find the little 'zero views' on ...
  2. Car Crashes and Prom Dresses... fun.

    Date: August 21, 2012
    Music: Taylor Swift - Haunted
    Quote of the day: "Never drink acid." My Chemistry Teacher Mr. Budke
    Picture of the day :3:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    (Lion I drew for art last year! I believe I got a... silver? Don't remember...)

    It's been awhile hasn't it? .....

    Anyways, after that awkward silence that was really... awkward, I would like to list some things