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A blog post focused on digital art or containing digital art.

  1. Sunshine of Your Love (cover)

    From the time I began recording a few days ago, to the time I finished uploading this to youtube was about 12 hours. Of course, I did log in a few hours of sleep in between, so.... Anyway, the process was long enough, and I was lazy enough, not to want to go back and fix minor mistakes. Maybe someday, but not today.

    I have no attachment to this song. In fact, I don't even know the lyrics. I had to record this with a youtube ...
  2. Over a week since my last one.

    But who's counting?

    I've been unable to post anything the past four or five days, and seeing as I'm going away again for a couple of days I figured I should post something here to clear away the cobwebs.

    On Thursday I'm going on a trip with my girlfriend and her parents (yay..) to Whitanga, pronounced "Fiti- anga" with less emphasis on the first 'a'. The two of us were going to go originally but her parents were always planning on going there too, so we agreed ...
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