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Excuse me.

Update on Scott

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I had a dental appointment this week and I told them I wasn't coming.

I will reschedule when I am remarried and pregnant with my second child; that should send a clear message.

Or I guess when I have dental insurance again. Grad school rules! **** teeth!

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  1. loaf's Avatar
    I must have missed this 'first' child update.
  2. OceanEyes28's Avatar
    What I mean is: second child is a stronger show of commitment than a first child. Like, people have one and then "o fuk we were not prepared to raise a kid together we hate each other now" but then you do it AGAIN so it's like "WE'RE DOING THIS NO MATTER WHAT," which I figure might be what it takes to not get asked about getting coffee with Scott (outside of never going to the dentist again).
  3. LocoColt04's Avatar
    Your teeth are ****ing perfect anyway. You don't need no dental visitations.