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Excuse me.


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Is good so far! I have gotten more done for this wedding this month than I have in the last year.

My dress came in, it's paid for, and I just need to get it altered.

I've scheduled cake tastings (the thing I was most looking forward to)

I've booked a photographer (!!!)

A friend's mom has done professional catering, and loves Caleb, and had us over for dinner to talk about what we'd want for our wedding and she's amazing at vegetarian food, and I'm excited.

We got engagement photos taken (I'll post some favorites).

We're working on the location (family farm), but that's been a little tricky. There's a hilltop where I think we should have the reception, because there's water, electricity, and eventually a house up there. Then there's the valley where there are none of those things. Caleb wants to have the reception in the valley, which means renting generators (big ones). And if it rains, that's more work for us when it comes to getting everyone covered. Uuugh. He is very insistent, but says he has a plan. It's fine, I'm not freaking out or anything...

But considering the stress of planning a party for 150 people several months in advance, we're doing well.

I can't remember if I mentioned our crazy ass neighbor, but we put up an 8 foot privacy fence this month, and it has been the best thing we've done for the house. Yeah. He was so bad that we spent TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS for the chance to stop seeing his lunatic ****ing face every time we use the backyard.

There's a race I might want to do that involves a team of 12 and 200 miles of overnight running (each person would have around 16-17 miles to run)...... it would be challenging, and maybe miserable, but I kind of want to get some people together and do it anyway.

I don't really have any new recipes, because I've been busy and eating a lot of soups and salads. Caleb always throws stuff in the crock pot before I can get around to making a soup of my own, and then we have leftovers so I just eat those.

But for salads! My recent favorite has been a sort of taco salad.
  • I use a few handfuls of mixed greens
  • A bell pepper (or a few of the mini bell peppers I've been munching on)
  • Either pecans or a mix of beans and rice that I've added cumin and chili powder to
  • A butt ton of salsa
  • A tbsp of sour cream

It's delicious, and I love it.

So there, now I've been helpful.

Okay, so photos! Here's a little series of five.

Do you see it?

Oh wait, shit, did I mention I got my hair cut? lmao

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