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Excuse me.

  1. Update on Scott

    I had a dental appointment this week and I told them I wasn't coming.

    I will reschedule when I am remarried and pregnant with my second child; that should send a clear message.

    Or I guess when I have dental insurance again. Grad school rules! **** teeth!
  2. Being Single Again

    About two months ago, I went to get my teeth cleaned. My dental hygienist found out that I was recently divorced. She asked about my music, and then asked if I knew a local drummer named Scott. I did not know a local drummer named Scott.

    A few days later, I get a call from my dentist's office, but I ignored it because I was busy. Then I got an email. From my dental hygienist. Saying she had been thinking about it, and Scott and I should get coffee.

    I ignored the email. ...
  3. Riding the Wave

    I was sitting at work, processing a payroll, when my body and heart decided it was time to process another piece of the divorce. I had a memory of us looking at a space we considered renting. We weren't even doing well then, but we were sustaining and I was hopeful and he was comfortable. Seemingly out of nowhere, I was quietly weeping at my desk. Thank god for tall cubical walls - which is one of the grossest things I've ever said, by the way.

    I am familiar with grief, and I know ...
  4. On Divorce

    By the time I told people that I would be seeking divorce - by the time I told my husband - I had already grieved his loss. I had been grieving for it again and again over the course of a year, one broken promise after another.
    “I won’t drink anymore.”
    “I’ll drink less.”
    “I won’t stay out tonight.”
    “I’ll be home.”
    “Just one beer.”
    “I do respect you.”
    My Complaint for Divorce states that the “Defendant has committed such general indignities against ...
  5. January!

    Is good so far! I have gotten more done for this wedding this month than I have in the last year.

    My dress came in, it's paid for, and I just need to get it altered.

    I've scheduled cake tastings (the thing I was most looking forward to)

    I've booked a photographer (!!!)

    A friend's mom has done professional catering, and loves Caleb, and had us over for dinner to talk about what we'd want for our wedding and she's amazing at vegetarian food, ...
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