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-Final Fantasy 4 (PC Version)- My Experience (Day 9)

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Hello once more! Well-wishes to you!

So, not too much to report today, because I only did some grinding and looked for the best grinding spot. Edward's low stats make sense to me now: he was a Prince, pretending to be a Bard. Bard was the only class he had any experience at all with, so when he joins the party, that's all he knows how to do, haha. He may just be one of the weakest characters in the series, I'm sad to say. But, with enough grinding, even Edward can be great. We'll see, haha.

I think the best grinding spot for where I am right now is actually the first half of the Underground Waterway. You see, one of the mob spawns is a group of three Mini-Mages and a aqua colored Fishman-Guy-Thing. This battle is over in a single turn and gives about 300 XP to each party member. Low-risk, but high-reward. The only thing better than this is the group of six Skeletons at Mount Hobs, but that's a higher risk for the same reward. Maybe extra Gil.

I went inside the Antlion Cave just to check it out and it looks really cool. It's very desert-themed and I like the extra details, like the ropes on the drawbridges and the plants randomly blooming about. The enemies in the first room give about the same XP as enemies in the Waterway, which I thought was odd, but I can just train at the Waterway instead.

Well, tomorrow I hope to fell the Antlion and heal Rosa's Desert Fever. Maybe I will try to use some status effects on it.

That's all for now. As always, wish me luck, and I'll see you tomorrow! Have a great day!

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  1. Kurt Zisa's Avatar
    The funny thing about Edward is that he has something like the best stat growth near end game, but you'll never get to see them get that high.

    I seem to remember just making him do that Regen song throughout the Antlion battle and leaving the rest to the other two.
  2. Coff9's Avatar
    That is exactly what I've been doing thus far, haha. There's no "get back all the party members" thing in the DS/PC/Android version? That is disappointing. I may just replay the Advance version again haha. I will have to see where I was with that file. I don't seem to remember a Lunar Dungeon extra thingy, but I do remember specical dungeons to get people's ultimate weapons. I will have to check haha.
  3. Kurt Zisa's Avatar
    Yeah I didn't want to give too much away for your first playthrough of the remake but I'm pretty sure the ds version ignored most of the advance versions additions in exchange for a tweaked script and Augments