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-Final Fantasy 4 (PC Version)- My Experience (Day 8)

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Hello everyone! Hope all is well!

Well, good news! The "Spoony Bard" quote is preserved! I was pleased to see that. Sure, it might be something silly, but I guess if a quote can be nostalgic, it's that one, haha.

The Bombing of Damcyan was intense. The initial part where the Red Wings actually drop the bombs was very fast, only a few seconds long, almost humorously fast, especially when compared to the original. Anna's death was emotional, of course. The voice acting is, again, really good. Tellah was kind of funny, since he has a Deckard Cain vibe going on and the first time you hear his voice is during Anna's death, so it's campiness caught me off guard. I feel really bad for Edward; everyone was abusing him pretty bad. Even Rydia wasn't nice. She called him a coward and everything. Poor Edward.

What's even sadder about Edward, though, are his stats, haha. After Anna's death, Tellah vows revenge on Golbez (which this is the first time he's mentioned; can't wait to see him in 3D!) and leaves the party. Edward is the replacement. He has fewer stat points than even Rydia, but no magic to make up for it. He does, however, now have a new ability set called Bardsong, which replaces his sing command from the original. This lets him use any of his Harp songs regardless of what Harp he has equipped. While I'm not sure how useful this will be yet, I'm never used status effects too often in the original, so I guess he'll be using the healing song the whole time!

Now, back in the original, I remember the area of Mount Hobs before the ice wall being a good training spot, since Rydia's healing magic makes short work of the skeletons that spawn in groups of 6. Quick XP for Edward to get him out of his I-die-every-battle time. This, uh, isn't the case now, haha. The skeleton's Thunder spell one-shots Edward and quickly kills Rydia, usually before she can cast Cura. I think I'll just have to train at the Underground Waterway, and then a bit at the Antlion's Cave and then back to Mount Hobs for a bit. This should put everyone at more than enough level to defeat the Antlion.

Well, that's all for now! As always, wish me luck, and I'll see you tomorrow! Have a great day!

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  1. Odin1199's Avatar
    Never knew there was a PC version of FF4.0_0

    Screw that, I want FF5 and 6. I've played FF4 way too many times to even care about it now.

    In any case, I hope your version has the extra lunar dungeon. That one was fun in PSP version.
  2. Coff9's Avatar
    I'm not sure if it does, Odin, but I know there's some kind of New Game+ thing going on. I think I read somewhere a while ago that you need to beat the game at least 3 times to unlock all the post-game content. We'll see!
  3. Kurt Zisa's Avatar
    Yeah the ds version doesn't have the extra content from IV Advance, although the Augments add an extra dynamic to the combat so I think that's a fair trade.

    New Game + lets you play through the game again to get all of the Augments but you can only have a total of three playthroughs per file.
  4. Odin1199's Avatar
    Didn't know IV was out on Advance. Extra content is always a big factor though, but once you have it, the vanilla game becomes a cakewalk. Also remember that Stop = freeze forever in FF4. Once you hit those enemies (with close to 100% success rate) they're done, at least for the next 15 or so turns lol.

    PS: I really hope SE doesn't go with those new FF Dimensions sprites and reuses them on FF5 and 6 for PC. But my instincts tell me they will. I deleted both FF5 and 6 from my Note2 (and because they stopped loading altogether) because of that. Nothing beats GBA versions anyways.
  5. Kurt Zisa's Avatar
    FF's I-VI (excluding III) have an Advance version with extra content like dungeons and weapons. The only psp remakes have pretty nice sprites, much better than the mobile versions imo.

    Oh that was something i was going to mention Coff, most bosses are susceptible to Slow, so guys like the Demon Wall become easier to handle with little leveling. But it's not like under leveling is a problem for you
  6. Coff9's Avatar
    Oh I see! Thanks for letting me know about the three playthroughs per file thingy. And while I've known that the Demon Wall's weakness is Slow (which makes sense since it's a timed-boss, technically), I did not know that most bosses could be Slowed. Thank you, and I will keep this in mind!