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  1. A Long Story Short (Part 2)

    Well, hello there, TFF! I hope you all are well!

    I am back!

    Everything has sorted itself out, so I return once again.

    By the way, happy 2017 everyone!
  2. The Sound of Silence

    Well hello!

    So, yesterday was my birthday, but it was uneventful. As I had hoped it would be. Didn't make any plans or anything like that, just decided to stay home (like I always do) and enjoy the absence of my neighbors. The best gift I could be given is solitude.

    I need solitude.

    I love being by myself. I love the sound of silence. I love the almost surreal feeling that only being by yourself, in the dark, late at night can give you.

  3. A Statement of Intent

    Well hellooo TFF! Just wanted to say hi and all that good stuff.

    Basically, I plan on making more blog posts here, especially about Final Fantasy games. I stopped playing the FF4 remake; I was having some difficulties with my computer. If I want to finish it, which I do, I'll have to wait until I get a new computer. I've been getting crazy lag on just about every game. My laptop is getting older and can't keep up like it used to.

    I'd like to use this "less gaming" ...
  4. -Final Fantasy 4 (PC Version)- My Experience (Day 9)

    Hello once more! Well-wishes to you!

    So, not too much to report today, because I only did some grinding and looked for the best grinding spot. Edward's low stats make sense to me now: he was a Prince, pretending to be a Bard. Bard was the only class he had any experience at all with, so when he joins the party, that's all he knows how to do, haha. He may just be one of the weakest characters in the series, I'm sad to say. But, with enough grinding, even Edward can be great. We'll ...
  5. -Final Fantasy 4 (PC Version)- My Experience (Day 8)

    Hello everyone! Hope all is well!

    Well, good news! The "Spoony Bard" quote is preserved! I was pleased to see that. Sure, it might be something silly, but I guess if a quote can be nostalgic, it's that one, haha.

    The Bombing of Damcyan was intense. The initial part where the Red Wings actually drop the bombs was very fast, only a few seconds long, almost humorously fast, especially when compared to the original. Anna's death was emotional, of course. The voice ...
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