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The Final Voyage of the Liquid Sky


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Been awhile since I last posted. Things are starting to look up a bit, found a pleasant surprise in my bank account that will cover Netflix for another month AND my phone/internet bill was half as big as i thought it would I'm not QUITE as worried about my money situation, it's not good, but not as bad as it could be I suppose. I'm currently working on my FAFSA to enroll in school, hoping I can get grants and such to live off of while I embark on an educational journey, but how the **** am I supposed to know how much my dad's property is worth...To top it all would seem I FINALLY have a girlfriend, it's been too long. We're taking it slow and steady, the worst thing for a relationship is devoting all your time to each other, being casual is key. Sorry I keep forgetting about the forums...I should stop that, but if anyone wants to chat, my skype is themanofvelcro and you can even add me on facebook if you'd like, just PM me and I'll send you a link.

In other news, I've begun playing Pokemon Blue Kaizo, a hack to increase the difficulty of the original Pokemon Blue to an obscene amount. The Elite 4 are all level 100, to get a grasp of the grandeur of it all. Some changes from the original include: higher encounter rate, stronger (and much higher leveled) wild pokemon and trainers, each with absurdly powerful movesets, even early on. Dragon Rage will enrage you. There is more grass and the terrain is changed to make you walk through much more and walk in front of every trainer, it's also pretty ****ed for getting places. So many annoying surprises await you...especially with your rival.

Just starting on Silph Co. and my team consists of a LVL 59 Clefable, Machamp, Charizard, Blastoise, Sandslash and Dragonite. I'm barely higher levels than the early rocket grunts...I've also noticed a lack of Ultra Balls in the stores...though unlimited free Max Elixers in Celadon was an amazing discovery.

I finished season 3 of the walking dead, but I'm losing interest, I read the comics and they just blow the tv series out of the water. Still need to watch the season 3 premiere of Game of Thrones...though I want to rewatch Seasons 1 and 2, hell, I haven't watched Season 1 since it came out. Netflix need to get a hold of that shit 3:

On a more adult note, I'm eagerly awaiting Monmusu Quest III, you'd be surprised at how good this game is for a hentai game, great story, decent gameplay, though it's more or less a VN with battles. Still just ****ing great, and great ****ing.

Oh, I also have a steam account, only games I play are Terraria and I'm about to start Killing Floor. Though, if you wanna gift me games so we can play...I'd be more than happy.

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