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  1. Another Cyan Sketch

    Greetings fellow art droolers and bored people looking for new stuff to ogle at. My latest sketch is of Aerith (or aeris), who I am perfectly awful at drawing, but whatev.
    Here it is: In my sketch thread, as per usual

    A lot of time has suddenly cleared up in my calendar, I don't know how long it'll last but I'm going to use it doing stuff I love: Sketching!
  2. Icy wicy

    Lady Cyan: *Phew* I haven't done a blog in a while...
    Pompous Prof. Cyan: Do you know why that is?
    L. Cyan: No. I had supposed the cause had something to do with my exhaustion of late.
    Pompous Prof. Cyan: You are incorrect, madame. True, you have been inordinately lazy, a lapse brought on by the sleepy weepies, which is quite to be expected in the winter splinters, but mainly, my colleagues and I have uncovered the cause to be of much more serious origins... *pause for dramatic ...
  3. I Have Returned

    Due to some unforeseeable events that transpired over the past couple weeks, I have been absent from this, my home. Now I am back - and I am greatly vexed.
    Much like the query experienced by Aelius Maximus after the battle in Germania, I am faced with a conundrum that will affect lives outside my own and am utterly stumped as to how I shall proceed.
    With the flight of my little sister, everything worthwhile and spiritually pleasing has vanished from my current surroundings. I am ...
  4. Official Apology

    CYAN COURT: Pompous vs. Family

    Pompous Cyan in the witness box: "It was due to the misplacement of my stupid scanner, that my sketch is still not finished."
    Snotty plaintiff attorney Cyan: "You lie. The reason you're not done with it is because you've been watching Dexter season 4!!! You got caught up in the gore and criminal intrigue and we have witnesses! Admit it!"
    Cyan defense attorney: "Objection, your honor. The Plaintiff's barrister has ...
  5. Almost Skewered

    *Jack Bauer voice-over* The following occurred the other night between 11 pm and 12 pm:

    First, off, you remember how I live with three brothers now, right? Good.

    There's this guy who keeps sneaking into our yard on the weekends and has attempted, more than once, to steal things of ours *shivers at thought* That night, Sir Lawrence (my youngest, most responsible brother) said he heard noises and saw movement outside the window, so, obviously, the hoard of brothers dropped ...
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