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3vil Chef.

I am the relationship-butcher.

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JEEEEEZE, I've butchered another relationship. Startling realization #Ialwaysknewthat -_-;

So, I met a guy at a different forum that I was temporarily a member of (just to vent some anger at the moderators of this site after the V4 switchy thing - yeah, like I'm really gonna get over you destroying the planet, Freiza ) Anyway, over there, in that awesome, but somehow shockingly crude forum, we immediately clicked. Even though we hardly shared any of the same hobbies, (he's an action type guy, while I'm more of a strategy gamer) we spoke the same language and I had a great time joking around with him. Unfortunately the fun had to come to an end because as much as I gripe, I'm still drawn to this place. It was tough leaving the other forum, though, because they had this cool arcade (hint - HINT, mods!) and in the process, I didn't say goodbye to him. Unaware that he'd been writing me and waiting for me to respond all that time, I went carelessly on with my life - what a ----- (< insert harsh, self-debasing insult here).
Anyway, last month the guy actually tracked me down to here and...I fessed up that it really was me and apologized and he said he forgave me, but I sense a lull in our relationship. I guess deep down I truly don't believe he's forgiven me. I don't believe I was worth searching all that time for either, when it comes down to it... am I just imagining this?
Should I bring it up or ignore it?

Yeah, I knoooow I said I'd use my blog only to advertise my art, and I WILL put an old sketch up here as soon as my scanner stops producing black portals

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  1. HeroZero's Avatar
    Sometimes it just happens without realizing it. But to be honest you should treat online relationships with a grain of salt (yes that is a mixed metaphor but meh). Unless you actually plan on meeting the individual in person... it just seems odd to myself.

    Hopefully your scanner starts working properly again! ^_^
  2. Kurt Zisa's Avatar
    Just tell him to sign up here

    I made a few friends on Smogon when I was a member there a few months ago, but like you I couldn't keep away from this place, so one day I just up and left without telling anyone. I've been meaning to go back and say something but at this point it kinda pointless if I don't plan on being a member there again.

    Also it's a bummer about your scanner, they can be real pain when they don't want to work properly.
  3. loaf's Avatar
    Our Arcade is fine.
  4. Cyanist's Avatar
    Yeah, HeroZero, I guess it wouldn't matter when you have a lot of people to talk to, which...I don't. It's even rarer for me to actually have fun while talking to someone ^_^;

    Kurt, he's already signed up here, but he hasn't responded to my last message. Either he hasn't logged in or...actually, he's always logged in, he has a phobia that people will forget him if he doesn't respond immediately... so, kinda weird that he hasn't...
    Thank you, I will deliver your well-wishes to the ailing invalid scanner.

    Loaf, are you joking? At least put up a smiley to signify...or something!!!!

    If so, hahahahahahaherumphyersosilly.

    If not.... ... ...I will go Super Saiyan - and that is infinitely more ladylike and attractive when a female does it, btw.
    An Arcade has games! Not just people talking about games... *sigh* whatever, then....