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3vil Chef.

Dexter Blues

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Last night was so *whoa* that it's left me *ugh*
Because I couldn't take another second of not knowing what happens to Dexter, I opted for a reckless all-nighter. Me and Wallace were there for 6+ hours, and have finally finished watching Dexter season 4. I am utterly appalled (as is usual with Dexter) at the latest plot twist and I can't even talk about it! I was thinking of joining a Dexter Forum, but that would proly ruin the fifth season for me. Bummer.

Spoiled Cyan: "I STILL have no idea where mom stashed my scanner, and am mightily tempted to have tantrum over it!"
Adult Cyan: "Not yet. Don't be impulsive, mom is trying her best-"
Spoiled Cyan: "-To throw my life into disarrangement! Even YOU must admit, since I was a child, every time I get stuff organized perfectly, she decides to 'misplace' it!"
Adult Cyan: "She's cleaning. I don't care if you can do a better job, you didn't preempt her, you let garbage pile up and now you pay the price. Suck it up, brat."
Spoiled Cyan: "But... *weakly* she keeps forgetting where she puts my most important things...and that makes ME look disorganized..."

Oh well, I'll keep looking.

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