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3vil Chef.

Cyan's best sketch yet!!!

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Hello peopleses. Before I reveal my latest and there's no doubt, my greatest sketch, I'd like to whine once more.
After much thought and due deliberation I have discovered many things that I do not like about the forum updates. One MORE complaint is: there simply aren't enough selfless people on this site to support, read and comment on the massive amounts of blogs that keep cropping up. I imagine it's terribly insulting to pour one's soul into a page and find the little 'zero views' on the screen (and all the little whos in whovill cried who cares?)

Whatever. On to the unveiling!!!!

This, most awesome of my sketches was done quite a while ago, and I mercilessly drummed up anticipation for it, but, as fate had it, my scanner was kidnapped and held hostage. Only NOW will it be revealed in its true, colorful glory. Feel free to like this and any other of my old works (Cyan's been getting a little testy that she's given 93 likes and received only 33. I subliminally command you to make her feel better about her life)

Enough goofing, here's the link

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  1. Michael Swayne's Avatar
    Personally, I don't care if my blog receives comments or views. I started my journal/blog as a record for my parents so when they came home they could read it and be updated on what they missed while they were away. Back then, those were the only views that I cared about.

    Now, my blog has evolved from a daily record of my life to something much more than that. I have put so much of myself in my blog, that it feels like it's a part of me. In it, I share the secrets of my life that I don't tell even the closest of friends. Who I am, what I feel, dreams, fears, all of it. If my blog were to stop receiving views, I wouldn't be sad. I am grateful for the support from the view count and the comments (both in public and in private), but I wouldn't feel any different if the views decreased and comments ceased.

    You may be thinking, "Oh Michael, what do you know? Your blog receives tens of views each day. You know nothing of what I am talking about." You may be right. But I think I receive those views because though my readers have various levels of anonymity about themselves, they want to know how my life is going. They have taken an interest in my life, because I have poured so much of myself into these 417 windows into my life (330 journal entries, 87 blog entries). And really, a small number of views may seem low; but it is just how the forum is now. We have only 233 active members. A year ago, the number of members here was at least double that. It is a sign of the times.
  2. LocoColt04's Avatar
    And the times, they are a-changing, Michael.

    Hopefully. Can't turn every new hit into a registration, but since SQEX started sharing our website, we've gotten a fair bit more attention.
  3. Cyanist's Avatar
    "Oh Michael, what do you know? Your blog receives tens of views each day. You know nothing of what I am talking about."

    Just kidding, but thank you for descending temporarily to the boondocks, your majesty