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3vil Chef.

Advice Wanted: To 'Friend' Or Not To 'Friend'?

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Superior Officer Cyan: "Well well, my favorite general has concerns, I hear. Do spill them upon me as you would upon a tentative nursemaid or a flatulent father. Come, we are no more strangers than I am to myself. Speak frankly."
General Cyan: "Well, sir, for quite some time now, a notification has been festering at the top of my screen, a friend request from a certain popular personage around the forum. This being has a LOT of friends - not like that matters much around here, most friends appear to be lacking in social manners and almost as long-lasting as a Snuggles toilet paper roll" *blushes appropriately* "that is, I mean-"
Disgusted Superior Cyan waves impatiently: "Never mind. Do go on, general."
General Cyan: "My first impression of this oddity was a negative one, sir. For lack of a less suggestive term - they just rubbed me the wrong way. I wanted nothing to do with this individual.
*Superior Cyan nods understandingly*
General Cyan: "-After some time, we came in contact and exchanged maybe two VMs or PMs - can't remember which. The person seemed surprisingly nice in them and I began to feel, that my original assumption was wrong, sir."
Superior Cyan: *Ahem* *lowers voice* "Yes. The files are well hidden, but there have been previous incidents where the Cyan army have been *glances warily about* wrong."
General Cyan: "What!?! I have level S clearance! Why haven't I seen these?"
Superior Cyan: "They're only accessible to level Z officers - the one's who've watched every episode of DragonBall Z."
General Cyan: "And then this being sent me the request, which sort of has me stumped. I guess what I'm asking for advice on is: Should I give this person a chance, or should I go on ignoring the notification? Or should I accept the friendship? Or should I do that and then 'unfriend' the subject?"

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