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3vil Chef.

Dis here's me first Blog, mates. I'm learning through trial & error. So don't throw any food at me until I say "Ready"
....."Okay. Ready."

  1. I am the relationship-butcher.

    JEEEEEZE, I've butchered another relationship. Startling realization #Ialwaysknewthat -_-;

    So, I met a guy at a different forum that I was temporarily a member of (just to vent some anger at the moderators of this site after the V4 switchy thing - yeah, like I'm really gonna get over you destroying the planet, Freiza ) Anyway, over there, in that awesome, but somehow shockingly crude forum, we immediately clicked. Even though we hardly shared any of the same hobbies, (he's an ...
  2. Another Cyan Sketch

    Greetings fellow art droolers and bored people looking for new stuff to ogle at. My latest sketch is of Aerith (or aeris), who I am perfectly awful at drawing, but whatev.
    Here it is: In my sketch thread, as per usual

    A lot of time has suddenly cleared up in my calendar, I don't know how long it'll last but I'm going to use it doing stuff I love: Sketching!
  3. I geeve up

    Realist Cyan: "This will be my twenty fifth blog - and my last" T_T
    Gamer girl Cyan: "Duuude. Don't get so T.O.ed, it's not personal, there just aren't that many blog readers out there yet!!!! Don't give up!!!"
    Realist Cyan: "Does it occur to you that I'm speaking to different versions of myself because I don't have that many people to talk to?"
    Gamer Cyan: "ya know it did."
    Realist Cyan: "Good. Just checking if the world ...
  4. Cyan's best sketch yet!!!

    Hello peopleses. Before I reveal my latest and there's no doubt, my greatest sketch, I'd like to whine once more.
    After much thought and due deliberation I have discovered many things that I do not like about the forum updates. One MORE complaint is: there simply aren't enough selfless people on this site to support, read and comment on the massive amounts of blogs that keep cropping up. I imagine it's terribly insulting to pour one's soul into a page and find the little 'zero views' on ...
  5. Icy wicy

    Lady Cyan: *Phew* I haven't done a blog in a while...
    Pompous Prof. Cyan: Do you know why that is?
    L. Cyan: No. I had supposed the cause had something to do with my exhaustion of late.
    Pompous Prof. Cyan: You are incorrect, madame. True, you have been inordinately lazy, a lapse brought on by the sleepy weepies, which is quite to be expected in the winter splinters, but mainly, my colleagues and I have uncovered the cause to be of much more serious origins... *pause for dramatic ...
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