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The Michael Swayne Story V: King of his Castle

Sicky Germs!

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Yes, it's that time again. Time for me to update you all on my life. Let's go over to our gaming correspondent Michael with the breaking news.

Thank you Michael. Michael here, and this is what's new in gaming. Due to the mail carrier running late, I did not get my copy of Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings until 2 pm this afternoon (cue one of 2pm's songs)

So, as I was saying, I finally got it. I haven't played it, but I did try it out to make sure it worked. Moving on, in Days I finally defeated the Zip Slasher. I am just checking the file as I type this on where I am story-wise. Let's see, I am Level 5 on Day 51. Xigbar (I have no clue as to whether I named the correct) and I just did a recon mission in Agrabah. I have no idea what to expect next, what with Roxas sleeping for the last three weeks and other Organization members suspected of being terminated. I guess I could play Re: Chain of Memories alongside Days in order to get both (or 2 of the 3) sides of the story told at the same time.

*I just checked Roxas's Diary. It was Xigbar that I did the mission with.

Finally in gaming, I completed Monopoly! I earned all the stamps needed to unlock the last board, and then earned the stamps from the last board in two games. I was a little let down after earning all the stamps. There wasn't anything special for doing it, except for seeing a "0" in the place that stated how many stamps were needed. No congratulations, no Mr. Monopoly with fireworks or cake. No nothing. Oh well.

Let's go over to our health desk and find out about a possible epidemic alert.

That's right, Michael. Hello readers, Michael here. There has been a confirmed case of some yucky illness to hit half of the residents of my house. Dad is sick, and has been for a couple days now. He acts quite ill. He stayed on the couch all day today, and didn't even get up when Grandma was here to visit. That's not entirely true. He did get up, but only to run to the bathroom. I guess we could say he had a number three (if number three is vomiting). Anyway, I feel totally fine. But I am taking every possible precaution. After this entry gets posted, I intend to wash the dishes in bleach water. I have been having as little contact with Dad as possible. I like having my room on the other side of the house that Dad is in. I especially liked being able to run people off when they would show up to see Dad. One was some person who looked drugged up. He claimed that he should see Dad because he hadn't seen him in three years. I told him that he can't have visitors because he's contagious, and then I started to make like I was sick. He left his phone number, and hightailed it away.

Finally tonight, we look toward tomorrow. Dad has class, but may not be well enough to go. Which kinda dampens my day. I like it when Dad goes to class. It is like a little break from him. I love that he's home and all, but it still nice to be home alone once in a while. Anyway...

Let's have one last check at the gaming desk on the Final Fantasy VII LP update.

Well, I am one hour and 6 minutes into the game. I have set a goal of one hour play time each day. That's because with all the other games I am playing, I want to finish those first. Then, I can focus on FFVII later. And as I am almost positive that it will be quite a while to finish the LP (due to holidays and work and whatnot), an hour each day seems like a reasonable goal.

That's all for now. Hope to see you around the forums, and until that time comes...



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