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The Michael Swayne Story V: King of his Castle

Clean up, clean up...

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everybody, everywhere! Clean up, clean up! Everybody, do your share!

Does anyone else get this song stuck in your head when you are cleaning up something? I do, and I most certainly did this weekend. I had so much homework to do this weekend, and as usual, I found something else to do instead. I cleaned my extremely messy room and closet! On Saturday, I tackled the actual bedroom, and today was the closet. I love working at GE, but after work, I am way too tired to keep things tidy. I usually just enter my room, throw my things wherever there's space, change my clothes, and go do my chores. Then, I go to sleep with a pile of junk on the bed, and the cycle repeats the next day. There is just no time for it.

Well, I made time. Everything is more organized now, and I have two giant trash bags of junk less than before. The best thing about it all is that my room looks so much more open. And inviting now. Before I had my bare walls and mess. Now, I have wall shelves holding the increasing amount of Pokémon plush toys I own. I have been collecting them since around the time that Pokémon GO came about. I have 25 plushes, featuring 23 Pokémon. I they are my new buying addiction, it seems. Whenever I see one I don't have, I just have to buy it. Sometimes I am able to resist the urge, but sometimes I go all nuts and just buy them all. If the stores would stop bringing new ones out, I wouldn't buy them. Yesterday I bought 5 (Zubat, Cubone, Purrloin, Pikachu (sleeping), and Pikachu (holding a pumpkin)). I originally planned on buying the sleeping Pikachu, because it just so cute (and because the only time a Pikachu is good is when it's asleep, like children). But then I was standing in line and saw that they had plushes that weren't in the toy aisle display were featured near the exit, and I grabbed one of each. And at $12 each, they are cheaper than new video games, but just as unnecessary in my life.

Oh well, I can afford it, I guess. I will feel better about buying them when my sister is able to use her employee discount, because then I will get 15% off whatever I want. And I do want them all. Oh, my sister is a baker at Walmart, in case you were wondering. You probably weren't, but now you know.

School is about the same as usual. My thoughts on my courses haven't changed. And work is going well. I work at GE four days a week (Monday-Wednesday, and Friday), and work at the Messenger on Thursday (well, Wednesday nights). It may not seem like much to some of you, but the $312 each week is a great improvement compared to the $70 I was making before the GE job. Also, I am now a certified HVAC technician now. Eww, I know. But it is a pretty cool (ha ha) job. I can only work on small units right now, and luckily that is mostly what they have at GE. Larry wants me to get the other two certifications as well. I want to as well, because it will be better job security (meaning that the chance of me becoming a "whenever needed" worker will be slim), and I will be able to negotiate a raise, should I want one. And believe me, if I get the certifications, I will want them. It would only be fair, seeing how Andrew (the boy who replaced me last time, and made me a "whenever needed" worked the second time) was earning $4 more than me per hour, and he was freshly trained. I have had two years of experience working on stuff like this, so I would naturally want more, should I get those other two certificates.

Well, I should be taking a Biology test right now. It is due at midnight, and I have no idea what it is about. So, here's hoping I can score high, like I did on my Anatomy exam when I knew nothing about it (91% is pretty good considering I know nothing about the human body). Anyway, I will see you around the forums, and until then...



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