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The Michael Swayne Story V: King of his Castle

More tired, but more happy...

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I know the bad grammar in the title, but I don't care. I am too tired to do so.

I quit working at the Messenger. Actually, quit is too harsh a word for it. I was there for more than a decade, so I didn't quit. I resigned. It seems more dignified. More professional. I resigned from my position at the Messenger. After last week's route where I didn't finish it because I ran out of time and had to be at GE, I realized that I couldn't do it any longer. Better for them to find someone who can devote the time to do it than have me do it and receive complaints for not receiving papers. Plus, I just felt it was time to move on. I have spent one-third of my life delivering newspapers, and it just wasn't fun anymore. And that is probably the worst part. The second-worst part is that I am actually losing money each week by leaving. Here's the rundown:
Position Before After
Messenger $105 $0
HVAC $352 $440
Aetna $360 $360
Total $817 $800

That is all before taxes and other costs. So, I am actually losing $17 each week by leaving. But when you factor in the gas required for the route, it makes more sense to leave the newspaper, because my other two jobs are at the same place, and then with me napping in my car from 6am-7am, I am saving money I would otherwise be spending on gas to go home and back to work.

But yeah, I am no longer a paperboy. And the seemingly good part is that Larry and Tonya and really understanding about it. They said that if I feel tired, I can even leave in the afternoon to get some sleep. Of course, I am going to try to push myself to reach working HVAC 8 hours each day, because it wouldn't make sense to not do so after changing who I have been for the last decade. But I also know that I am no use to anybody if I get sick or hurt from being tired all the time, so I will only do what I believe I am capable of.

Well, I am going to end this one here. I have told myself that I want to spend my time at home doing fun things, and lying in bed is not fun, not after sleeping in it for the last 16 hours (I really was tired). So, I hope to see you around the forums, and until then...



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