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The Michael Swayne Story V: King of his Castle

Michael's Taxi Service...

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So last night, I was in bed at nearly 1am, resting after a romp around the bedroom with a friend, when I received a message on my phone from a different friend. He initially tried calling me, but I don't answer the phone after 9pm, so I simply messaged him back asking what was up. He asked if I had a vehicle, because he was needing picked up in Hillsboro (about 30 miles away). He was at the sheriff's department, and needed a ride home, because his car had been impounded. I asked him for gas money, and he told me he would have it tomorrow (er, today). I was still feeling the adrenaline pumping through my system from the fun I had earlier, but I got some clothes on, and made my way to the police station.

The journey there was okay, and I wasn't as scared to drive through the dark as I thought I'd be. I made use of my new skill, in which I learned how to turn the high beams on. I never had to make use of them before last night, so I was never shown how to do it. Anyway, I figured it out, and made it there in one piece.

My friend sat down in the seat, and he seemed to still be in shock about what happened. He said that he was pulled over for a broken taillight, and when the police officer ran his license, he learned that his license had been suspended. I didn't inquire as to why that had happened, because I figured it was best to stay quiet. We spent a large portion of the ride in silence. I am not a huge talker, especially with people I don't see on a regular basis. But we did manage to catch each other up on what had happened to each other over the last year (we never hung out much, despite living only a couple miles apart). And when we arrive back to where he lives (which is down the hill from my Grandma), he said that I could drop him off near his house. You see, his car was actually his Mom's car, and I guess he didn't want to be seen coming home in an unfamiliar vehicle. As if coming home without a car is any better. So, I let him out, and made my way back home.

Well, there are other things I could mention about the story, but I don't think my darker thoughts would be appropriate. After all, this is a guy that I have been intimate with before, and my hopes for another round of fun that night are probably unnecessary.

So, I guess I will end it here. I hope to see you around the forums, and until then...



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