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The Michael Swayne Story V: King of his Castle

Just when things were looking up...

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This happens...

The guy featured in this video clip is my one and only brother. One of my Dad's friends came to the house on Monday to inform us that my brother was going to be on the show. We didn't believe it at first, because it is very hard to believe that my brother would even agree to go on television. So, I rode my bike to Grandma's and watched it. Basically, my brother failed the lie detector test and now the people who watch this show as well as those who learned about it through Facebook and YouTube now believe that my brother is a child molester.

But here's my question. Why should I believe it? After all, this show has received attention from other shows for allegedly falsifying results of these tests to get a reaction from the audience. One that sticks out in my mind as I type this is the episode of "The Boondocks" that features Steve's program. And that is just one example. There have also been news stories done about it. So again, why should I believe it?

Some sad news now. We found Shadow over the weekend. His hind legs were broken, as if he'd been hit by a car. Dad put him out of his misery. I was sad about it, naturally, but I know that a vet couldn't have done much to help Shadow's condition. He was nearly dead when he was found.

I finished two more video games this week. I finished Grand Theft Auto III, and Disaster Report. Currently, I am playing Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (still). I don't know why, but I really lack the motivation to complete a Final Fantasy game lately. I mean, so far this year I have finished 29 video games and none of them have been a Final Fantasy game. I will start one, but then become bored with it. The closest I have come to completing one was Final Fantasy VII, but that got ruined when the save file became corrupted during a blackout.

Dad has been working hard this past week. He also is working on getting his license straightened up. His expired while he was in prison, so he is having to jump through hoops to get driving privileges again. And he is even helping with the bills this week. So, things are great on that end.

Well, I have cat food to bring home, so I will end for now. I hope to be back with another update next week.


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  1. Cyanist's Avatar
    Oh, man. I was thinking of watching that on TV the other day. That's so terrible.

    Poor shadow. One of our cats went missing recently, too.

    Urgh, too bad about that memory corruption. Same thing happened to me with Valkyrie Profile 2. It was my fault, tho, I panicked when I saw the lights flicker, went to save the game, and ended up losing it all
  2. Lacquer Head's Avatar
    rofl, steve wilkos. anyone who believes that those shows are the real thing...are stupid enough to be on it, if it were real.