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The Michael Swayne Story V: King of his Castle

Here's an LOL story to make you ROFL...

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On Thursday, April 6, 2017, I was driving the van on my business route through the village of Winchester, Ohio. It is literally three stops. Well, I had just left the bank (stop #2), and turned left on the next side street up from the bank so I could make my way back through the village to move on to the one stop on the other side of the main drag. I was going maybe 10-15 miles per hour, when all of a sudden this dog runs right out in front of me, or rather, runs right into the side of the van.

I am freaking out, right. I pull over, but not until after I look through the window to see where I am. The Winchester Police Station. It turns out the dog that hit my van/dog I hit with the van was none other than the K9 unit of their police force.

I jump out and start apologizing profusely. I mean, I am nearly in tears, because first and foremost, I hit a dog with my vehicle. And then on top of that, I hit an officer of the law. Anyway, the two officers tell me that everything seems fine, but they are going to take him for a walk to make sure he isn't hurt.

Here's there side of the story:

The two cops were at the station filling out paperwork or whatever it is police officers do. They decide to go around the village on their rounds, which makes their dog excited. When they opened the door, the dog bolts outside and makes a beeline for the cruiser. Unfortunately, my van got in the path and faceplanted himself into the fender.

Here's the best part. The dog is fine. I am fine. The van is fine. Everyone apologized, and I did not get in trouble for nearly killing a police officer! My sister said it best. "Only you can hurt a cop, and walk away from it with the cops smiling and shaking your hand, and not get in trouble."

I don't want to test out her theory.

Anyway, that's about it. I literally wish, that it sounded more believable. Because it literally sounds like something completely made up. But it is completely true! If you don't believe me, you have my permission to call up the Winchester, Ohio police department, and ask them yourself. Their number is 1-937-695-5502. I am going to go there myself today and ask about the dog. I have been afraid that I made it so he can't work anymore. He looked so happy, and it would kill me to have two dogs to have died so close together.

So, until next time...



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  1. Unknown Entity's Avatar
    Oh dear! I'm sure the dog is fine. It's not your fault either - shouldn't all K9 units be on a leash anyway? I'm glad it wasn't worse, but don't beat yourself up.
  2. Michael Swayne's Avatar
    Technically, yes (I think), K9 units are to be leashed just like any other dog, except for when in pursuit of a criminal. However, this is super small town, USA, where the rules are what you choose them to be at the time. The dog's leash was in the officer's personal vehicle at the time, and it was the other cop that went to go get it after the dog had been hit. Real fine police work, truly. I honestly was laughing about it myself afterward.